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We’re Cruising Into a New Decade with Mike Edwards on the Cover of Savvy Magazine’s Latest Issue



New cover alert!

Yay! We are cruising into the new year with Big Brother Naija star and professional athlete, Mike Edwards, as he covers Savvy Magazine’s December-February 2020 Issue.

Mike shares his journey after the Big Brother Naija show and his projections for the new year!

Check out the sizzling photos below.

Photo Credit:

Stylist/Clothing – @onpointclothingng
Photography- @tobi.olajolo
Videographer-, @ovomediaa
Creative director- @tntmediagroup

1 Comment

  1. Dora

    December 23, 2019 at 6:07 pm

    I watched your interview on Tools show and I realised how morally bankrupt we have become as a nation. Asking a happily married man whether he would sleep with another woman for X amount of money and making faces and suggestions like “for a whole 150kusd, are you sure, what if it’s for a million”. Basically what’s your price- how disrespectful!!! Only in Nigeria can you be asked such on TV and get away with it without backlash.
    Anyway, I just want to beg you Mike- please please and please do not let the our morally bankrupt country corrupt you! Stay loyal to your wife, keep things simple, don’t be moved by the money and flashy life- just maintain your small and simple life with your wife. Lots of loyal men come back from abroad and succumb to the pressure and bad company (friends) and become dogs. I’m speaking from experience. These were hands-on men o who used to push the buggy and help out. Once they live in Nigeria for a year or two, they join the band wagon. Pls continue serving relationship goals even if it makes you unpopular or if they call you a jew-man. People still believe in the commitment of marriage. Keep it up! I truly respected you after watching your show. Don’t be swayed.


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