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The Riverwood Switch Foundation wraps up Construction Project in Adopted Community School to mark 2nd Anniversary

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The Riverwood Switch Foundation has completed the construction of additional classrooms for its adopted community school in an underserved community in Lagos. The newly constructed building is part of its infrastructural development of the adopted community school plan. This is to reduce the number of overcrowded classrooms and ensure these classrooms are conducive to learning.

The Riverwood Switch is a developmental organization focused on providing sustainable solutions to the education gap in Nigeria. This it does by providing educational scholarship to indigent children, classroom rehabilitation and construction of dilapidated schools, teacher support and training and other forms of psycho-social support for the children. Its various projects are majorly funded from its internally generated revenue (IGR).

In two years of its existence, The Riverwood Switch Foundation, a group of over 80 young Nigerians and students, has supported over 300 children across different schools and communities in Ekiti, Abuja, and Lagos.

For more information:
Twitter & Instagram: @riverwoodswitch
Facebook & LinkedIn: The Riverwood Switch Foundation
Youtube: Riverwood Switch Foundation



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