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Sarah Langa Had a Great Fashion Year in 2019 – These Were her Best Style Moments



As part of our recap for the year  2019 – we are highlighting celebrities, influencers and fashion girls who had a particularly fabulous year fashion wise. Welcome to the #BNSYearInStyle series! 

Sarah Langa has got an endless well of fashion ideas. Be it just a simple casual outfit or a statement look – most notably her New York Fashion Week diary a few months ago – the South African Instagram influencer continues to solidify herself as a reigning fashionista.

In 2019, she took it up the notch. Sporting bold monochromatic looks and high-end African designers, Sarah Langa was sure to show up looking stunning in statement outfits.

See the most noteworthy fits from her 2019 looks below:

Much Ado About Monochrome

Statements And Statements Only

Casual But Chic

The Inner Sarah Langa

The fun doesn’t stop here, visit for more on African fashion and lifestyle now!

Photo credit: @sarahlanga

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