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University of Benin discredits reports of Closure over Alleged Tax Evasion



The management of the University of Benin has discredited the report that the varsity was sealed over alleged tax evasion.

The varsity, including the office of the Vice-Chancellor, Bursary, Open Registry and the Senate Chamber, was sealed in the early hours of Monday by officials of the Edo State Board of Internal Revenue (BIR), P.M. News reports.

The Public Relations Officer of the University, Benedicta Ehanire, discredited the news. She said: “As you can see, I am in my office working. My boss is also in her office working. The office was not sealed.”

Some members of staff noted that tax deductions were made from their salaries monthly, they also wondered why the taxes were not remitted to the state government after they were deducted from their salaries. They blamed the default in tax remittances to the government on the past administration, given that the current Vice-Chancellor, Lilian Salami, assumed office on December 2.

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