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Busola Dakolo is the Face of Freedom in this Special Issue of TW Magazine



20 years ago, Today’s Woman kicked off with its first TV show. They were and still are determined to bring to light the amazing achievements, strides and complexities of being a woman.

20 years down the line, they are still finding new and amazing ways to make sure the female narrative stays true to everything the woman is.

Everyone wants to be seen as strong and capable, and for cover star Busola Dakolo, of TW Magazine‘s January/February edition, after years of pain & uncertainty, many words aimed at discrediting her story and an unexpected end that seemed so promising, freedom is the word she uses to describe how she now feels.

In this Freedom issue, Busola talks about her past, her present, and more importantly, her future. With 3 kids, a thriving photography business, and a husband that she believes God planned for her, we find out where Busola is right now.

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