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Nigerians Have the Weirdest Reactions to the Coronavirus Pandemic



As the battle against coronavirus continues to intensify, with more confirmed cases across the country, many people have resorted to different means of coping with the current situation.

Nigeria is known to be a religious country and, as expected, some people are already using spiritual means to fight the deadly disease, while others are taking extreme measures. However, no matter how we choose to respond to the situation, one thing that is clear is we will definitely overcome this together.

Check out some weird ways Nigerians are responding to coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria:

1. Photos of a group of Methodist women praying against the virus have since gone viral on social media after it was captured and shared by a Facebook user, Onah Blessed Emmanuel. The group of women in uniform Ankara print is seen lying flat on the bare ground, praying against the virus, killings in Benue and for the protection of the people of Benue.

2. A lady shared her experience in a Lagos market where people were mixing chemicals and selling in large volumes as hand sanitizers. This is really funny and sad to see how desperate some Nigerians can get by risking the health of others.

3. Some women in Abeokuta, Ogun State, came out topless to pray against the deadly coronavirus. In a video shared online, the women are seen parading a highway in just their wrappers tied around their chests.

They beat a drum and sang as they prayed against coronavirus.

4. As sensitization is being ramped by the health authorities over the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Nigeria, a bus conductor in Lagos State was seen taking precautionary measures to an astonishing level by administering branded dry gin (popularly known as ogogoro) to passengers as hand sanitizer.

The conductor, in a video published on Twitter, was seen handing out portions of the dry gin from a sachet onto the palms of passengers, after which he directed them to rub what he described as “sterilizers” on both hands.

Photo Credit: @onahblessingemmanuel

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