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A Nigerian with the Coronavirus in the UK is Taking Us Through Her Symptoms

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The coronavirus is very real to all of us right now, with a total of 8 confirmed cases in the country, and the government advising Nigerians to observe social distancing.

So many across the country, with fevers and coughs, are sharing how they’re afraid they’ve already been infected with the virus, but, thanks to social media, we’re finally able to differentiate the coronavirus symptoms from those of the common flu.

Twitter user, @d_psycho_guru, a Nigerian living in the UK, has been infected with the virus, and she’s letting us all in on exactly what its symptoms her.

She’s giving us a day by day break down, starting from exactly how she got infected, and how the symptoms are progressing.

Sure, some of these symptoms are similar to what you’d get from the flu, others are very different.

See her thread:

It’s important to note that so many cases, especially in young people, may be asymptomatic, but they also will be contagious. Let’s continue to stay safe and not panic.


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