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Coronavirus: Is Lagos State Ready to Curb the Spread of the Epidemic? Here’s what we Know



Is Lagos State fully ‘kitted’ and ready to curb the spread of the Coronavirus?

Well, it’s no news that the Lagos State government confirmed the first case of the virus from an Italian businessman who stayed in Lagos and also in Ogun State. The patient has since being kept under isolation at the Infectious Disease Hospital in Yaba.

The Lagos and Ogun State government has identified at least 100 persons who had contact with the infected victim and precautionary measures have been carried out as swiftly as possible in preventing the spread of the virus in other parts of the state and Nigeria at large.

Various reports alleged that the “patient attempted to escape from the isolation ward due to what it described as the unsuitable condition of the Infectious Diseases Control Hospital in Yaba”, and the question “Is Lagos really ready to curb the spread of the virus” has been on everyone’s mind.

Well, maybe this Twitter thread shared by the Senior Special Assistant to the Lagos State Governor on New Media, Jubril A. Gawat will help us decide.

Jubril Gawat is taking us on a tour of the Lagos State-owned infectious Disease Hospital and the Doctor in charge, Bowale Abimbola also shared more information on the virus and patient.

Read the thread.

Made your decision?

Check out the photos of the isolation centre.

The ward where the index patient is being kept

The Ongoing Renovation


Tents & More Beds, just incase… 

The Biosecurity Level 3 Lab 

Let’s stay calm and remember to protect ourselves!

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  1. by_stander

    March 1, 2020 at 8:52 pm

    Very good, so who were those ones spreading fake news of run down facility? Thank God Lagos state had the good sense to show what they are doing.


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