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Layal Tinubu is Celebrating her 30th Birthday with a Baby Bump + Read her Husband’s Sweet Note to her



Layal Tinubu has hit her 30th milestone and she is marking her birthday with the debut of her baby bump.

Layal and Seyi Tinubu got married in 2016 and welcomed their precious little girl in 2017.

Seyi Tinubu took to his Instagram to pen a lovely note to his wife for her birthday. He wrote:

Wow @30 and I have had the pleasure of being part of your life for 15years (Half). You have done more for me in these past 15years than I could do in a lifetime. You inspired me to be a better person and you continue to inspire to help with my growth but most importantly you are not just my wife, you are my best friend, my BabyMama (lol), my business partner, my confidant, my soul mate, my everything.

You have helped me build whilst building your own empire, today I celebrate you but everyday I unfailingly celebrate you #myqueen
Today I celebrate you as you turn 30… and look forward to us and our children celebrating your birthday in decades. Thank you for being an amazing wife to me and a wonderful mother to our daughter.
I pray that God will continually bless,guide, protect, and favor you. I wish you an amazing and fulfilled year ahead
#MyLifeLove #LJT #nowomancomparestoyou #laysey16 Happy 30th Birthday Queen LJT #MamaNoella

Photo Credit: @layaltinubu

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