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Please DO NOT Spread Fake News About the Coronavirus



We’re in a difficult situation, guys. The coronavirus is a reality now, with one confirmed death, and 36 people confirmed to be infected.

Let’s not make this difficult situation even more difficult by spreading panic and fake news.

Forget what that your old friend who used to work with the WHO has to say. Ignore your in-law’s in-law whose nephew’s cousin is married to the eldest sister of the head of the NCDC. Your uncle says he has insight and information on the situation in Nigeria? Your uncle is a liar.

Do you need the correct information about the situation of things? Here are the only places to find out:

@NCDCgov on Facebook and Twitter.

@Fmohnigeria on Twitter.

@WHONigeria on Twitter.

@whonigeria on Instagram.

Please, guys. This is super important. Get your folks to stop believing and sending those WhatsApp broadcasts. For both their and your peace of mind. If there’s no quote from any of these places, then throw that broadcast away. In fact, quote or no quote, just throw the entire thing away as long as its a broadcast. Away!


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