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T.D. Jakes’ Profound Note to his Son Drips of Fatherly Love & Guidance

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Bishop T.D. Jakes took to his Instagram to pen down a profound note to his son and daughter-in-law who recently got married before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bishop shared an interesting perspective about using pain and adversity to cement the bond in marriage.

Read his sincere message below:

To my son and his lovely bride, ⁣

It was such an honor a few weeks ago to officiate over your wedding! As I rose this morning, I thought of how me and your mother @SeritaJakes were in a terrible car wreck, her ankle was crushed, our plans altered, and we found our challis of bliss, shattered by swelling, bleeding pain complete with the hammer of tragedy. ⁣

Son, we spent almost a year in the house together. I was her therapist, teaching her how to walk! I washed her hair and prepared meals because of the severity of the accident! ⁣

Thirty-eight years later, you got married and came home from your honeymoon to a city in crises, stores, and restaurants closed, and all of our city shut down because of this Coronavirus. It has left you confined in the house with your new wife! ⁣

Both your mother and I earnestly believe our bond was cemented by the adversity we faced together! As I prayed over Mr. and Mrs. T.D. Jakes Jr., I had no idea that this COVID-19 crisis would be the disruption that God ordered for your early days of matrimony. It occurs to me that you all are to be similarly connected through crises! ⁣
It isn’t always what goes right that cements your union. Dig your heels in and be the strong, stable man, we raised you to be. It is the teamwork of adversity that can soder your union and weld your bond!⁣

Pain has a purpose! Isolation can bring consecration and probably endless lovemaking, lol! Seriously, it isn’t the white rice, nor the Chantilly lace. It is the unexpected, inconvenient adversity, that knits us into His plan! ⁣

The Bible says the children of Israel were trapped in Egypt for 400 years. And it states, “the more they were afflicted, the more they grew!” May God make you guys one in spirit, one in purpose, one in prayer, and one in the bonds of unity! Remember, that long after I’m gone, my hand will rest upon you, my prayer will hover over you like a cloud in a breezeless sky! Greater still, What God has joined together, let no man put asunder! I guess this is God’s way of extending your vacation by court order! ? ⁣
I just wanted you to know that our footprints are under your feet!⁣

Love, ⁣
Dad ⁣


Photo Credit: bishopjakes

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