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Here’s How You can give Your Mum a Special WorldRemit Treat This Mother’s Day



Family means everything to us! You could almost say it’s the reason we exist; millions of people across the world rely on a safe, secure and convenient money transfer service to support their loved ones abroad. This Mother’s Day, distance should be no barrier to you treating the woman who has done so much for you to a really special mother’s day gift.

In the spirit of celebrating Mother’s day, we spoke with one of our customers, Eniola. He’s a loans manager in London that often sends money back home to his mother in Nigeria: 

“I heard about WorldRemit through my cousin, who also lives in the UK. Until then, I was using money transfer agents. These were expensive and not always reliable. It was a constant battle trying to find out when the funds would [actually] reach Nigeria.”

“After my dad passed away, my mum became the breadwinner in our home. I know I am one of the lucky ones as I get to visit my mum at least once a year. She always gives great advice when we speak and the typical warnings from African mums like “always wrap up warm,” he laughs.”

“I use WorldRemit because it is fast, convenient and secure,” Eniola says. “The multiple remittance options are also a huge bonus. My mum, siblings, and friends get the money exactly when they need it and not a moment too late. I pay my siblings’ school fees and also give them a monthly allowance – it’s a cultural thing! This helps with their study provisions and general upkeep.  It gives me huge satisfaction to be in a position to support my family and friends by sending remittances at any time of the day. I also transfer money into my local bank account back home. It’s great because I receive text notifications once the funds have reached their final destination, for added peace of mind.” 

“Because it is so reliable and quick, I have one less thing to worry about. Being able to send remittances helps me to keep in touch with my mother in between my visits. I like to give back to her and celebrate her contribution to our lives and thank her for keeping the family going through her constant love and support.  I’ll be sending a bit extra for Mother’s Day so that she can treat herself on this special day.”

Distance should never stop you from supporting your loved ones. To that end, we offer a wide range of remittance options including bank deposits, cash collection, mobile airtime top-up, and mobile money.

We also know that mothers are not always traditional kind. Many people are raised and supported by females who are not their biological mothers but who play or have played the role of a mother in their lives. Let’s celebrate these special women, too! 

Happy Mother’s Day, wherever you are in the world.


To the sons and daughters far away from home – if you haven’t used our service during the last two years, we are giving you 50% off transaction fees! Visit our website for more details:

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