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Did Ada Ameh Just Voice Out the Thoughts of the Masses in this Video?



On Sunday, while President Buhari addressed the nation, he made a stay at home order for residents of Lagos, Ogun state and FCT as a way to contain the spread in these states. But it seems not everyone is happy with the new development.

Nollywood actress Ada Ameh is one of those who have gone public with their reservation about the situation, as she took to social media to passionately plead with the Nigerian government.

The actress complained bitterly about how basic things such as electricity do not work in the country. Ameh said that many people used everything they had on them to buy foodstuff just to stock up during this period, and to also buy fuel.

Ameh said that the situation is so bad and that the government should at least provide stable electricity now that everybody is home with nowhere to go.

At a point in the video, the actress lets out tears of frustration as she called on the government to act right and do their part.

Watch the video below:

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  1. workingstudent

    April 2, 2020 at 4:34 pm

    This is sad but unfortunately, I would strongly recommend that we continue to encourage people to social distance as much as possible no matter the situation. Not having electricity is way better than falling ill/being infected with the coronavirus and needing a hospital in Nigeria. We all know our healthcare system is not any good at the moment, and trust me even in the ‘developed countries’, we are struggling to take care of covid 19 patients with the ‘top-class’ facilities we have.
    People can pull resources together for example if you have a bigger freezer, you can help store for your neighbor and you contribute to the fuel cost. or you could avoid panic buying and arrange with that local tomato/rodo seller on your street to deliver at a small extra cost every week or something. In fact, I hear there are now mobile markets, it will help the farmers/traders as well. Remember to keep that distance with whoever you are dealing with.

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