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Gorgeous Women of Bald Geng

“The first shower I took after cutting my hair felt like heaven! It was at that moment I knew I was never growing it back! And the best part? The feeling never gets old! I’m a proud baldie always and forever!” – Daala Oruwari.



Photo credit: Ifeoma Efiokwu/Instagram

As a woman, making that decision on whether or not you should join the ‘bald geng’ is not easy. You really want to chop off your hair and let the cool breeze blow into your head as you walk. Other times you just want that soothing feeling of having water hit your scalp directly when you’re in the shower, or in a bathtub. On the other time, you think about the fact that you could kill the slay game by whipping your hair back and forth. Oh the shakara that comes with long, luscious tresses.

Photo Credit: mswanawana/Instagram

For the natural hair babes, this decision is even tougher. After ‘suffering’ and ‘sweating’ to groom your hair to to perfection, how will you just cut it like that? Tough decision? We know!

Another discouraging factor is those aproko people that won’t mind their business when you cut your hair. They are the ones who will see you by the roadside and scream “ah, what happened to you? Why did you cut your hair? Ahan, and you were fine with your hair o, this one does not fit you. You look like a man.” Who asked them, biko? Some will even conclude that you cut your hair because you don’t have money to make your hair anymore.

Photo Credit: Nandi Madida/Instagram

Anyway, if you’re wondering whether or not to cut your hair, or if you really want to and you are reluctant to take that ‘bold’ step, these ‘bald geng ladies’ have shared their experiences. Maybe this will ginger you.

“The first shower I took after cutting my hair felt like heaven! It was at that moment I knew I was never growing it back! And the best part? The feeling never gets old! I’m a proud baldie always and forever!” – Daala Oruwari.

Photo Credit: Lola Shoneyin/Instagram

“It’s very liberating. I loved it and I’m loving it but I miss hair sometimes. People tend to assume you’re a bolder person because of this. I really like the freedom of it. I’ve heard rubbish as well. An older lady pulled me aside and asked me what I would do when it would be time for my wedding? Would I have to wear a wig? Men and women tend to find me more beautiful because how dare I look this good on low cut? Generally, it’s been a positive experience. I think I’m ready to grow it though… or not” – Odera.

“With the current lockdown situation, I love pouring water on my head. It’s liberating to feel free and comfortable” – Tuzy.

“Since I walked out of the shower on a fine Saturday in January, my drama has reduced. The water and breeze is therapeutic. I remember calling my friend and shouting ‘you need to cut that hair, boys dey enjoy’. Although, I sometimes miss having all that hair” – Yolanda Mbonu

Photo Credit: Adut Akech/Instagram

“The freedom is indescribable. I have been on it for 11yrs now and I have plans to carry it even on my wedding day” – Nuel Grace

“Looking different gave me the confidence that I could be anything I want. It was comfortable to a fault. But it made me look childish, being a wife and a mother of 2. And I also have a smaller stature. I’ve been on low cut since May 2017, but I started plaiting it again in March. I kinda want to look different again” – Margaret.

I love it, but a guy thought I cut it because making hair was expensive, I didn’t correct him though. Little did he know how much a girlie haircut really costs” – Kemky

Photo Credit: Mercy Ugen/Instagram

“Ah, it makes me just me. I’ve always been in and out of keeping low and keeping hair. But now that I’m in my 40s, it’s low hair all the way. Do you know the feeling of water touching your hair on a daily?” – Lonnia.

“I can’t even describe how I feel, although I still miss my hair, pouring water on my head is the best thing that has ever happened to me since the lockdown” – Isioma

“I remember the first shower I took, I screamed in the shower ‘my dear, is this what you guys enjoy?’. My husband then said to me ‘you have been suffering all this while’. Anyway, I don’t think I will grow my hair back” – Grace Osodi

Photo Credit: Simi/Instagram

“It’s a feeling that can’t be described, the touch of water on the scalp every day feels heavenly. Even with enough criticism from different humans, being bald is something I’ll never regret and for now, I don’t have any thoughts of growing my hair” – Brown Cocaina

“So I shaved my hair with shaving stick, beautiful and brave. But my big nose has become massive” – VKing

Photo Credit: Nancy Isime/Instagram

From all of these, certain things are sure:

  • Going bald is liberating
  • It boosts your confidence
  • You can definitely slay with your haircut
  • Pouring water on your ‘bald head’ is the best thing that has happened after dodo.
  • And no, you did not cut your hair because you’re broke.

So now that you have heard from the baldies, ladies, are you ready to chop off that hair?

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