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Nigerian Lawyer studies in the UK to make a Difference at Home

Lawyer Chigozirim Victoria Onyeagbako made the decision to leave Nigeria to study one-year masters at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in the UK.



After researching study options online, Victoria found the LLM Intellectual Property Law course at Nottingham Trent University. “NTU was one of the very few institutions that offered Intellectual Property Law as a complete LLM course. The availability of a scholarship in NTU and talking to alumni and the student support team definitely sealed the decision. 

“I chose Intellectual Property Law because of my interest in this area. I was in search of knowledge to help improve the Nigerian Intellectual Property legal framework and help advance economic stability in Nigeria.”

Victoria enjoys the practicality of the course and the sharing of knowledge between lecturers and students. “The structure is such that every aspect, of course, is attainable with great time and program management. Lectures are highly interactive and engaging. For someone like me who requires common interest to connect to people, it creates an opportunity to make friends and acquaintances share experiences and knowledge with.”

While living in Nottingham has been very different from home in Nigeria, Victoria quickly settled in. “There are lots of international students from various cultures and nationalities going through the same process. It is very student-friendly and the city is just right – not too large or too small.” 

In the future, Victoria plans to use her degree to make a difference back home in Nigeria. “My plans for the future are to achieve great expertise in my field and influence my country’s Intellectual Property system to build a Nigeria which the future generation deserves.” 

“This course is great for anyone seeking to further in this area of law. I have experienced first hand the sharing of knowledge and the student-friendly environment – especially in relation to international students. You will never feel out of place in NTU.”

“I have experienced first hand the sharing of knowledge and the student-friendly environment. You will never feel out of place in NTU.” Chigozirim Victoria Onyeagbako.

Nottingham Trent University was named University of the Year in the Guardian University Awards 2019. They are offering a full-fee LLM Sub-Saharan Africa Scholarship for applicants of Nottingham Law School’s LLM courses in September 2020.

You too can be like Victoria. Visit to find out more or make an appointment to speak to Wole Ibukun, NTU’s representative for Nigeria. He is an NTU Alumni and he is based in Lagos.

Email [email protected] to make an appointment.

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