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#PostItWithPostpill | The Love Triangle❤️



Part 1 

My makeup was done, hair styled, strutting around campus in my pencil jeans, round-neck top, and sandals, my plan was to hook up with my cousin who was in her final year, finish up my registration and head straight to lectures. I wrote jamb 3 times before gaining admission and I was determined to give it my best shot. So here I am, rushing along like a focused girl that I was, and then I see HIM. 

Dark-ish, tall-ish, slim-ish, dapper from head to toe with a lovely pair of shoes, his toned abs were everything, and his beards just crowned the looks. Hmmm, I know what you’re thinking but I’m not tripping for him. My plan is to be focused.‘’No boyfriend till your 3rd or 4th year in uni’’, my sister had warned. 

Even better than his looks, was his voice

Gosh his voice. 

My mission to finish up my registration and head straight to lectures was soon forgotten as he approached me, then my phone rang and I reached for it in my bag, as I turned to look up, he was gone and I was back to reality, back to finishing up my course registration. 

I had gone through a serious heartbreak before gaining admission and he was my first love so you can imagine how torn apart I was. I gave him my time and love but he wanted more. Dude wanted sex but I wasn’t ready to get down so he sent me a text to break up with me, he didn’t even do it while we were on a date like Nollywood people do lol. It was during my first jamb so I couldn’t concentrate or read well. 

Now I’m older, wiser, stronger, and able to tell who is a good guy and who is just a playboy or who is a mixture of both. Apart from getting my degree and finishing strong, I also hope to mingle and maybe find true love? Well, only time will tell…

Part 2 

A few weeks later, I was in the multi-purpose hall for GS 101 with other new students trying to get an empty seat so that I could settle down before the lecturer entered.

Then I saw him again. How can I  forget a face like that…

“But what is he doing here”, I murmured to myself.

I looked up again and our eyes locked and all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe.

“take a deep breath… It’s not that serious…. Calm down…. Count to ten… I kept muttering all this to myself as the dark, tall, dapper boy approached me.

“Hello, my name is Kennedy, we met at the admin block during registration,” he smiled.

I regained myself immediately and shook his hands. I was blushing like I just got a new car as a birthday gift.

“I am Judy, are you looking for someone here or …”

“No, I am here for a lecture. They said the GS 101 will be holding here today.”

Instantly, the little fire that lit up in my tummy the first time I saw him died.

“Oh he’s a 100 level student just like me that means we are practically age mates”

But why does he look so mature and well built? Even though I said I am not ready to date anyone till my 300 level, I still need someone that can take care of me and always spoil me with gifts. I need a guy in 300/400 level that knows it all. I  need a prince charming, not just some mummy’s pet in 100 level.

Kennedy brought me back to reality when he asked for my department.

He was mesmerized by her beauty and was surprised that she was blushing when in reality he should be the one blushing. He was happy that he saw her again because he couldn’t stop thinking about her after their first meet and run.

He’s already conjuring events in his head on how they will be together not knowing that Judy is not that interested in him.

After the class, they exchanged numbers and promised to keep in contact, but that wasn’t in Judy’s plan. She just wanted them to be normal friends, so she instantly “Friend Zoned” him

Uni life has been mega fun for Judy.

Kennedy is always calling and texting to ask her out on a date and she always declines. She doesn’t have the heart to tell him off because he is such a sweet boy and she doesn’t want to break his heart.

Judy stays off-campus with her cousin and there is always one event or the other that they have to attend every weekend. Judy follows her cousin to most places because she’s in 300 level and she practically knows everyone and everywhere in school. 

On one of such outings to Mummy’s pot restaurant, she and her cousin ran into the most stunning handsome man she has ever seen. The scent he was wearing was to die for and he was all smiles, showing his perfect white teeth. Judy was confused at first as to why this Adonis of a man was smiling at her when she realized he was looking at her cousin who was behind her. “What a heartbreak” her subconscious mind murmured.

“Oh Judy, meet my friend and our incoming SUG president Austin”, Judy’s cousin said.

Are you a model? Was the first thing Austin asked her? She was too stunned to speak at first, and then she smiled and said no.

Austin went on saying how she looks like a model and she should contend for Miss Uni and all. But Judy was lost in her train of thoughts… because she can’t stop admiring Austin.

“This is the kind of guy I want.

A happening guy.

This is the kind of guy I should be with.

And when will he ask for my number???”

This was all Judy could think about when Austin said he had to rush and leave them. Then he winked at Judy and left.

Judy was so disappointed and devastated that he did not ask for her number. Throughout the weekend, she couldn’t stop thinking about Austin and it was beginning to drive her crazy.

On Sunday evening while she was ironing her dress for Monday classes, her phone rang.

“Hello, good evening”, Judy said.

Hello, good evening. “This is Austin and I hope you don’t mind that I collected your number from your cousin.”

Judy melted instantly, all the hairs on her body were alert and her subconscious mind woke up from her slumber.

Part 3

 “Ermm  Yeah, I mean Yes, it’s fine. I don’t mind. I am home.”

Judy totally lost control of herself that she almost burnt her cloth.

“Shit” Judy exclaimed.

“I hope there is no problem or is this a wrong time to call?” Austin asked.

“No, it isn’t. It’s nothing, I just almost burnt

 my cloth but I’m fine.” Judy said as she unplugged the iron and went to the bed to sit.

“Oh! Sorry about that, my bad”. Austin said, confused about whether his call is at a bad time.

“No, it’s fine,” Judy said, blushing, even though she didn’t get why she was blushing so hard at a guy she wasn’t seeing at that moment.

“I just called to check on you though, sorry I had to leave in a haste the last time we met. I had to run off to meet my campaign team members. So, do you have classes tomorrow?”

“Yes, I do, it’s the outfit I want to wear that almost got burnt”

“Ouch! Sorry about that once more.” Austin said with a soothing tone.

“It’s fine”

“I have to run now; I’ll call you later if that’s fine by you”

“Oh! Yea. Of course, anytime. It’s fine. Thanks.” Judy said slightly disappointed the call was ending so soon but super elated he called.

“Ok! Good night then”

“Good night”

After the call, Judy just wanted to throw herself on the floor for being so weak and naive.

“Jeez! I hope I didn’t come off as cheap.” Judy asked her cousin the next day.

“Of course not. Cheap ke! Na jonzing girls dey do that one o. Guys like Austin like girls that know what they want and go for it. Better no dull, Austin is one of the hottest guys in school and girls throw themselves at him all the time”

“Ehn! I know but…Ok. If you say so” Judy replied hoping she hadn’t ruined her chance.

Days passed and Austin and Judy got closer as the calls got more frequent, Judy always gisted him about school and everything else. In her head, they were an item.

“Stop joor. You know I stay with my cousin; I don’t know if she would let me sleep out. I haven’t tried it before.

“There’s always a first-time baby” Austin tried to convince her.

“I know but…I don’t know. I’ll try shaa”

“That’s my baby. You know I haven’t had time to see you since because I’ve been so busy.  That’s why I want to make it up to you. Baby, I really miss you”

“I know. I miss you too”

“Babe, I’m just looking at your picture right now. Jeez! You’re so hot. Check your phone I sent you a pic”

Judy checked her phone and screamed softly.

“Oh! Just. Wow! Is that what I think it is?

“Yes, babe, you’re giving me a boner mehn. Jeez! You’re really hot, do you know that?”

“Well, I know I’m pretty. People tell me all the time I guess.” Judy said humbly.

“Well, you’re not just pretty but hot. From your pretty face to your perky boobs to your flat tummy, beautiful height, nice curves, then, of course, your sweet lips, that I can’t wait to taste. I bet they taste like strawberry and vanilla all together”

Judy who was smiling all the while had started rolling in bed.

“Stop joor, you want to make me shy now”

“It’s the truth and I can’t wait to tell you all these when we meet babe. Let’s make it this weekend”

“I’ll ask my couz”

“Or you want me to ask her? You know she’s my paddy. I’m sure she won’t mind” Austin said, quite hesitant.

“Don’t worry, I’ll ask her”

“Cool, I hope no guy toasted you today o. Tell them you have a boyfriend o”

The moment he said this, Judy’s body was covered in goosebumps. This was the first time he was saying this.

“Does that mean they are now an item? Is he serious? Is this official? Did he just ask her out? Are they in a relationship?”

All these questions ran through Judy’s head, now more than ever she was gingered to see him this weekend.

Part 4 

Judy was not really bothered about her cousin giving her permission to spend the night with Austin or not. Reasons being that she was 95% sure she would be out that weekend with her newfound Chief Daddy, she was rooting for her to start it off with Austin and she wasn’t one to rain on a girl’s parade, especially when they are as hot as Austin!

The permission she needed was from herself, though everything in her was ready to have hot sizzling sex with Austin, but questions like  “Am I rushing into this?”, “What if he loses interest in me after we make love?” “What if one of the girls that are all over him walks in on us and pours acid on me as I have seen in Nollywood movies?” The questions were endless but she was sure of one thing, she didn’t want to lose Austin.

“Look on the good side, what if he becomes the next SUG president, I will automatically become the number one babe on campus”, Judy said to herself.

It was 3 days to Friday, the longest 3 days since Judy got admission into the Uni. During these days, Austin’s campaign and lectures took most of his time and so they had most of their conversation over the phone, but it wasn’t a waste. Day 1 was a break down of one sex movie they both love, and how they were going to spice it up. Day 2 focused on what turns them off and on the 3rd day, Judy practically moaned as Austin gave a recap of all they planned to do with each other during the weekend. With Judy’s mind pumped with all these, the only question flooding her mind was. “How long till Friday?”

After her last class on Friday by 5 pm, Judy dogged her friends, especially Kennedy, and left for her apartment, which was outside the school premises. Austin promised to come pick her up at exactly 6 pm for a hangout with some of his friends before they finally head to his apartment. As she looked through her already packed a bag to make sure nothing was missing, her phone beeped 

“Hey baby, I am running late, Austin said

“Are you even on your way yet?”, Judy retorted

“Hmmm, not exactly. But I will be there by 7 pm, I promise”

“Okay”, she said abruptly

For the first time since she got home, Judy sat down and fell asleep almost instantly. 

A knock on the door woke her up an hour later

“Finally, you made it”, Judy said

“Don’t be like that now… Can we go now?”

“Give me 10 minutes…”

“ Please make it 5….”, Austin retorted

Judy went into the bedroom to freshen up and after 20 minutes, they headed for the party.

The party was in an open field, with about 45 students and 25 non-students, 80% were couples, so it seemed. The music was deafening and half of the students were already drunk by 11 pm, it was one of the biggest parties of the school year, which means everyone had to show themselves. Austin and Judy couldn’t see anyone or anything but themselves, though it would be so normal for Austin to fondle with Judy’s boobs and more like other students were doing in different corners, he wasn’t sure she would be into that. 

So as he walked towards what served as the bar to get another round of drink for them,  he thought to himself

“ So why don’t I be a patient dog that eats the fattest bone”

Judy on the other end was fuming,  “I don’t understand o, Austin has only kissed me twice since we got here, maybe his other girlfriends are here”

As she spotted Austin walking back towards her, she blurted

“Please can we leave this party now,” 


He lifted Judy on his shoulders while she laughed and screamed 

“Why are you excited all of a sudden?”

“I just found out I have a good chance at becoming the next SUG president!”

“Congrats babe”

It took them another 30 minutes to get to Austin’s apartment

He parked his car abruptly, started kissing and undressing Judy’s crop shirt; Her fingers were not idle either as she went straight for his trousers. At this point, Judy confirmed that car sex was a nay for her, and moaned bed into Austin’s ears. Superman had nothing on Austin that night as he simultaneously lifted Judy out of the car, locked it, and headed for his bedroom. 

In nanoseconds, Judy and Austin were undressed.

As they nuzzled against each other’s body, Austin placed his lips on her neck, nibbled and kissed his way up to her earlobe. Judy was now in cloud nine; the little part of her brain that was still working reminded her that Austin was about to go all-in without a condom, but her lips stopped after she muttered co…

For Austin, every stroke and moan clearly indicated that they both had a good time but Judy’s face as she went into the bathroom indicated otherwise

“No, it’s not what I think, it was good, I was the music, she was the dancer. Let me just ask her”

As Judy walked back into the room, Austin went straight to his question,

“Hey babe, are you okay?”

“Yes, actually I am not…,” Judy retorted

“Was it bad?” 

“Bad? Of course not, it was better than great, except that we didn’t use a condom, or did you withdraw?”

Austin laughed

“Withdrawal is for small boys and condom was not suitable for this occasion,” Austin responded

“What are you saying…” Judy blurted

“Babe calm down, I have something better than withdrawal”

Austin pulled out his drawer and brought out a pack of POSTPILL

“Here babe, all you need to do is take one pill now, and forget about unplanned pregnancy”

“Ehnn, you think I will just swallow anything you give to me? Austin, biko we are not there yet”

Judy picked her phone and googled the name POSTPILL. The information and testimonials she got were amazing. Instantly, she picked a bottle water from the fridge, placed one pill of POSTPILL in her mouth and gulped the water down

All the while, Austin was quiet

“Oya, I am sorry. You can’t blame me, I was scared. I can’t risk getting pregnant, my aunt will kill me” 

Austin stayed quiet

Judy moved closer, flirts with him and goes, “Let me make it up to you”

“No, you will get pregnant”

“ That’s true, all I need is one pill of POSTPILL after 4 rounds of sex in one night”

“All you need now is a billboard”

They both laughed…
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