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Access Bank to support the Health Sector with 100 Billion Naira Intervention Fund



Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Nigeria, a lot of businesses have been dealing with the pressure of a “paused” economy caused by the recent lockdown protocol from the government to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. In response to the demands of the crippling pandemic, these businesses have resorted to changing their modus operandi, so as to have a chance of survival. While some businesses struggle to get back on track, one sector, however, appears to be ripe with opportunities for growth and expansion; the health sector.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a wave of people more concerned with staying healthy now than at any other time in the recent history of the world, and this presents a variety of opportunities for healthcare service providers in the country to tap into.

Understandably, meeting the growing demands could be a challenge for a lot of these businesses, which facilitates the need for Nigeria’s apex bank, Access Bank, to support the health sector by creating a platform that gives easy access to loans for healthcare services providers, to increase their capacity and also grow the economy.

Now, healthcare service providers/medical facilities; Hospitals/Clinics, Diagnostic centres, Laboratories, Fitness and Wellness centres, Rehabilitation centres, Dialysis centres, Blood Banks, et cetera, are eligible to access up to N500 million loan to enhance local drug manufacturing, increased bed count in hospitals across the country and boost other aspects of their businesses. The good news is, they get to enjoy a 5% interest rate till February 2021. The pool is N100 billion wide, so it can accommodate a lot of businesses.

The CBN Healthcare Sector Loan is open to indigenous pharmaceutical companies and other organizations in the healthcare value chain such as;-

  • Healthcare product manufacturers
  • Healthcare service providers/ medical facilities
  • Pharmaceutical/medical products distribution and logistics services
  • Other human healthcare service providers

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