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See How Our Faves Are Celebrating Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is here again, which means zillions of adorable social media posts celebrating dads all over the world.

From Joke Silva‘s heart-melting accolade to Olu Jacobs, to Bovi‘s sweet father’s day letter from his daughter, celebs are taking to the internet to share their love for fathers everywhere, and while father’s are celebrating themselves.

Here, how all of your favourite celebs are spending Father’s Day.




Joke Silva



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Happy Father’s Day to me. Somebody please buy me PS 5????

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J Martins


Damilola Mike Bamiloye


Gifty Dumelo


Olakunle Churchill

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Happy Fathers' Day to all the fathers in the world. A father is a father irrespective of marital challenges. A father is not only by way of giving birth to a child; but by way of taking care of children around you, and children around the world who are in need. I pray for all the fathers in the world that your child/children will not be used as a tool of jealousy, because of broken relationships like it's done in the old Era. As I celebrate this day, I pray this won't be the era when single parenting ends up affecting a child/ children’s mentality thereby confusing them. This is a new Era and things have changed. Relax, you'll reconnect with your child at the right time. You Are A father! We Are Fathers!! I Am A Father!!! Happy Father's Day To You!

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Yetunde Kuti



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Happy Father’s Day Daddy.

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Tito Idakula

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We were discussing how we raise the boys today and I mentioned how much we need wisdom to make sure we raise them right, to be all that God has called them to be. . . You then said something profound. You said: “Even as we focus on raising them right, the main thing to give them is God. If they have God, they will know the way to live, make the right decisions and walk in their purpose. We need to raise them to be sensitive to God’s voice”. . . You are such an incredibly wise man. You take it all in your stride. Even when we push your buttons, your vex doesn’t last long. I love that the boys call you first when they wake up. In the middle of the night, Joshua comes to you when he wants to pee. The walks, the silly play (I know I roll my eyes but I love it), ensuring I get my me time when you see that I need it. You are really a Good Man! . . You make us feel safe and it is because you know God is the Real Father of us all. You are truly an amazing Father, not just to the boys but even to me, the biggest baby. We love you!!!! . Happy Fathers Day to you Sir!!!

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Femi Adebayo

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Happy father's day to me?

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Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman


Funke Akindele-Bello


Jemima Osunde

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It’s Fathers day!!!! Where do I even begin? ?❤️ I love my daddy so much. My sweet sweet man! My siblings and mum think I have his “mumu” button but the truth is that he has mine ?. If you know my dad at all then you know he’s probably one of the funniest humans ever! He’s funny even without making an effort! He’s such a great dad but most of all he’s an amazing partner to my mum. They have such a genuine friendship, even their quarrels are cute??. What’s Douglas without his Jummy?! ??‍♀️? I can’t count how many times he says “my wife” in a day. Sometimes it’s as if he’s forgotten she’s my mum too. My dad has taught me soooo much about accountability and generally being someone that lives a reputable life. He doesn’t believe in “wuru wuru” to the answer ? and he doesn’t stress himself unnecessarily (that’s why his favorite thing to say is “na your wahala be that”???). My daddy my twin? just look at our foreheads???! We both can’t smile with our eyes fully open?. Thank you for the physical and non physical attributes you passed on to me. I appreciate all of it and I Love you to infinity and beyond!!!! I will cherish and celebrate you NOW while you can see it all.❤️❤️❤️ I love you daddy!!! Happy Father’s Day to MY DADDY!!!! ???❤️ (Now sending a screenshot to his “wassup” so he can read this) #FathersDay2020 #MyDaddy #flowerswhileyourehere

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Happy Father’s Day #MarchBorns

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Jude Okoye


Joseph Yobo


Femi Leye

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Happy Father's Day ❤

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Yomi Black


Sam Klef


Noble Igwe


Kenneth Okolie


Stephanie Coker


Ayoola Ayolola


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