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Olori Boye-Ajayi opens up on why She started “The Ark Coaching Company”



In this interview, Olori Boye-Ajayi, co-founder, The Ark Coaching Company, talks about who she is, her personal life, the inspiration and driving force behind what she does and why The Ark Coaching Company is different from other coaching companies.

Question: Can you tell us about yourself?

I am an export source and trading expert, a Kingdom business agenda driver, a government consultant on women in business and industrialization and an investor in women businesses. I am also the founder of Katie Wang Company, an apparel export trading company and the Chief Operations Officer of The Ark Coaching Company, a global company focused on human potential and enablement. I am passionate about sustainable development in Africa and am married with 2 sons. Is that a lot? (Laughs)

Question:  What inspired you to venture into the coaching industry and what keeps you inspired?

What inspired me was my desire to see people elevated in their thinking. There is way too much small mindedness in Africa. Layers need to be peeled off people’s thought processes and I found that to reach more people I had to be systematic about it and go beyond my immediate circle. Regarding what keeps me inspired, It’s a Who not What; and that’s God.

Question: What’s the driving force behind starting up The Ark Coaching Company?

Being systematic and structured about my approach to reaching Africans. My desire is for African men and women to understand their individual roles and contribution through their work or businesses. The Ark wants to walk Africans through that process of identification and execution. We can’t keep having 2 out of every 10,000 people leading the way and the gap is too wide. We can close the gap through proper coaching and a development mindset.

Question: How does The Ark Coaching Company achieve this?

We have two major programs, The Fix It Conference which is a life-changing and transformational pan-African virtual conference and the 1% club, which is our multi-tiered coaching program. Registration for the Fix-It conference is open and it will be holding on the 4th of July.

Question: Can you tell us a bit more about the One percent Club?

The 1% Club is a close-knit mastermind that systematically deals with negative conditionings that prevent an upgrade in individuals and/or their businesses. It’s a multi-level program that literally removes barriers to the possibilities achievable but not yet attained by members of the club. We do not believe in overnight success and members are made aware of the work they would have to put in to see the highest version of themselves revealed.

Question: What sets The Ark Coaching Company apart from other coaching academies?

I’ll first like to say that we’re not in competition with other coaching company. We believe at The Ark Coaching Company that coaching is a solution that has not fully been harnessed by individuals, organizations and governments. Our core competence and difference is that we are a 360-degree transformational coaching company that was birthed from a need to transform Africa and one of the key pillars to transforming Africa is enriching and building the mindsets of its people. Our biggest desire is to see people launch out into their best life possible and effecting change in their communities and the continent at large.

Question: Please tell us more about the Fix It Conference. What do attendees stand to again?

The Fix-It Conference is a pan-African, virtual conference where uniquely competent coaching experts would share professional insights that will enable attendees develop innovative solutions that will Fix their mindset, money and business while keeping the development agenda of Africa in view. Blueprints on personal contributions that can be made by each person to Africa’s development will be discovered. Most people already feel this sense of responsibility and tug in their heart towards a lot of the social, economic and political issues in the different regions of Africa but are not sure how they can contribute. The Fixit Conference will help participants chart a course to their personal contributions.

Question: What’s your favorite all time quote?

You deserve a better life, live it now!

Question: You head so many businesses, how are you able to handle them all and stay sane at the same time?

I like to say that we as humans are too powerful to not have all we need. All the things I do are for me, multiple expressions that I have the capacity and resources for. Resources include the people that I have been blessed with, who in their different capacities help with the vision. I’ve also had to put structure in place because as someone who understands the value of time, I have quickly realized that structure prevents time wasting.

Learn more about The Ark Coaching Company and Fix-It Conference HERE

Shoot Credits
Photography: Emmanuel Oyeleke
Makeup:  Funke Oge
Styling: Rhoda Ebun

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