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#BBNaija Day – 8: A New HoH, Biggie Nominates Everyone and More Highlights



Lucy is new HoH

Lucy came out tops after a very intense Head of House Challenge and immediately called for a more disciplined house. It was Lucy who snatched the Head of House (HoH) seat from Nengi after coming out on top at a very intense HoH Challenge. And after naming Prince as her deputy she immediately went on to impose discipline in the House.

Her first call as HoH was for cleanliness, especially in the bathroom. “Let’s join hands and clean the House. You clean today it will be easier the next day.” She also asked her fellow Housemates to divvy up the cooking and cleaning duties. “Just contribute in some way. It will work faster.”

Few were not happy, but most applauded Lucy’s ideas. Let’s see if the Housemates will adhere to her demands over the next week.

As Head of House, Lucy gains immunity from the week’s eviction and exclusive access to the Head of House Lounge for the week, which she will have to share with her deputy, Prince. It came as a surprise that Lucy chose Prince as her deputy Head of House despite her telling Biggie that she was reluctant to choose a man. What is her game plan, exactly?

Before she made her call, Ebuka took to Twitter with some tongue-in-cheek advice.


All the housemates – apart from Lucy and Prince – are up for possible eviction this week!

Nothing but pure Lockdown vibes

Just before getting ready for another Head of House quest, the Lockdown Housemates spent the day bonding deeper. We’re not sure if it’s as a result of the tension brewing from the upcoming HoH Task or the fact that after last night’s Q & A session with Ebuka, tension-filled the Lockdown House; but Biggie’s guests decided to spend the better part of their morning doing nothing but calm their nerves.

Workout in progress

Long-standing workout traditions could be messing with your fitness progress and if you’ve been struggling with having an exercise routine in this quarantine, here’s what you should be trying the Lockdown style:

All shades of games

Not every child eventually grows up with the same learning style but what child doesn’t love playing fun games? It’s quite evident that these Lockdown Housemates spent their childhood in the same game paradise, so bonding over these games in Biggie’s House has been a walk in the park.

Coupling up

Cupid came by early in the Lockdown House and in less than a week, no day goes by without our House baes serving us some cute moments. Whether through food or kisses on the forehead, our Lockdown couples have no problem showing their love language(s).

Hold up! A punishment?

Remember last week’s Betway Nigeria Arena Games? Well, performing poorly didn’t only provoke Biggie to take 10 points each from their overall points but their performance also earned all the Housemates except Lilo and Nengi a penalization.

As the penalty for poor Arena Games performance, all Housemates except Nengi and Lilo have been hereby fined 10 BB Naira.

Let’s circus, shall we?

The activities designed for this week should be fun and we can’t wait to see the Housemates soak in all the fun.

This week’s Thursday Night Wager Challenge is a circus challenge. To win the Challenge means doubling their Betway Wallet. However, if the House loses the Task, the wallet stays the same.

Good luck Lockdown geng!

Fun, fight and a fine

Biggie’s guests decided to spend the better part of their morning doing nothing but calm their nerves with games… until a fight and a penalty came crawling.

Romance and all that mushy stuff

Whether it be commenting on each other’s facial features, a cuddling session in bed or just all-around laughter and blushing, these Lockdown couples aren’t scared of a good display of affection.

Neo seals the ship

In what seemed like a reassuring session between the two, Neo told Vee that he is ready to be a part of her story. He also further explained what it means to have someone he can trust in the House, while still putting his best foot forward in the game.

First Live Show aftermath

After their first Live Show, the Lockdown Housemates bared it all last night. From talking about Ozo’s entanglement to Nengi admitting that she’s not interested in any House shipping and Kiddwaya’s conversation with Wathoni, it was quite an eventful night in Biggie’s House.

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