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Flawed Relationships & Intimidation – A Recap of Last Night’s #BBNaija “Pepper Dem” Reunion Show

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Still, on clearing the air, forgiveness, and moving on, on this episode Ebuka Obi-Uchendu chatted with Frodd, Esther, Kim Oprah, Omashola, Tacha, Mercy, Venita and Ella.

Let’s dive right straight into the scoop – How it all started:

Kim Oprah and Tacha

Kim Oprah revealed an issue that happened in the hotel between Tacha and her. She accused Tacha of “trying to intimidate and bully” her as there was an incident where Tacha came at her in the hotel, recording and saying that her confidence got her a car, and Kim should produce her own.

In her words “I don’t understand why you would come at me, bully me intimidating me and recording me at the same time after the show”.

Tacha denied ever being in the same space as Kim or filming her as accused, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I cannot remember anything that happened that day”.

Esther, Omashola and Mercy, spoke on the incident, all giving similar accounts of Tacha recording and intimidating Kim Oprah.

Mercy apologized to Kim Oprah for denying that she has not seen the clip of the incident, but she said: “I am not going to bring it out, but I have the video”.

Esther and Frodd flawed relationship

The former lovebirds had their time to talk on their relationships.

Esther pointed out that she was and still disappointed with the perception Frodd created of her. Esther recalled their last talk on the show, where Frodd insinuated she was involved with ‘friends in the upper echelon’, and how a perception like that could ruin her brand.

Frodd defended his actions, talking about how not flaunt their relationship had affected his brand negatively. He made mention of the general perception people have about his affection for Esther, and all he wanted was the same affection reciprocated. They reached a resolution with Frodd apologizing for his scandalous statement.

Venita, speaking on their relationship said “it is repairable. You just need to be on the same level and have the same energy towards each other.”

Ebuka advised them to sit down and talk, and there will be a solution to their flawed relationship.