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Join the #BlowAWhistle Campaign & Take a Stand against Rape

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These are dangerous times for women; and even more sadly, for the girl child. Nowhere is safe from the clutches of the roaring monster that’s eating deeper with each passing day; citadels of learning, or the marital bedroom or a sacred place of worship have become threats. Indeed, nowhere is safe for women and girls.

Husbands rape wives; fathers rape their children, teachers sexually assault their students; clergy forcefully take pleasure of their members; soldiers rape internally displaced women and policemen rape detainees; examples abound. The world looks on as the places of safety become a den of hungry lions. Many questions are begging for answers. One thing is clear as daylight, the woman is under threat, safety shouldn’t be another burden she should carry.

The last few weeks have been dominated by reports of atrocious acts perpetrated by people who feel entitled. The thread that holds much of these stories together is that people who are in positions of trust perpetuate the act.

Getting justice is emotionally, physically, and mentally tasking, and in many cases, justice is never served.
The victims remain perpetually traumatized.

There is something WE CAN do in the face of this terror. Remaining silent and wishing it all away is not an option.  A few hashtags and moving on is not enough either. It is time for action;  a communal, collective action. WE ALL MUST  #BlowAWhistle.

#BlowAWhistle is not just a hashtag. It is a call for action; a practical imperative for COMMUNITY ACTION against RAPE!

It requires everyone, men and women to have a whistle in their possession and blow it when they, or any other woman, are in distress or danger.

#BlowAWhistle is a call for help. Blowing a whistle alerts the Community; neighbors, and bystanders of imminent danger.

#BlowAWhistle campaign is a practical initiative against rape.

Everyone must be part of this MOVEMENT. We all must join and activate this INITIATIVE.  Buy a WHISTLE.
MEN too must #BlowAWhistle when women are in DANGER!

On Friday, July 10, 2020, we will hold a Zoom conference (Find details below), with the topic: The Nigerian Girl and EnGENDERing Stereotypes.

Discussants include Sa’adatu Modibbo Kawu, Commissioner for Tertiary Education, Kwara State; Dr. Samantha Iwowo, a filmmaker and lecturer at Bournemouth University, United Kingdom; Cecilia Egbele, Principal Producer/Nonlinear Editor, Nigerian Television Authority; Greg Odutayo, Managing Director, Root Royal; and Her Excellency, Dr. Olufolake Abdulrazak, First Lady of Kwara State (who is the special guest).

The conference is expected to engage with the crosscurrents of positions about the Nigerian Girl.  It consolidates the #BlowAWhistle campaign against rape. We anticipate practical discussions from the conference to enable policy development and situate directions for the protection of girls and women.

Above all, we expect a reinforcement of our campaign against rape.

This campaign is initiated by @ejaosanfoundation and @the_art_of_play_initiative 
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