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Here’s how to Stay Trendy & Fashionable with the ‘Spark 5 by TECNO’ & its Amazing Features



A few years back, becoming trendy was pretty much easy to achieve. All you had to do was dress properly and speak correctly. A person can waltz into a restaurant and by their clothes, shoes, and bags, you can immediately perceive their style and then peg them on the social class you think they belong to.

Things aren’t that simple anymore. The odds have been stacked much higher. Before, the scrutiny would have stopped on just the clothes, now, we wait to see what phone that person has no matter how properly dressed they are. The moment that phone comes out of the bag; we then give our verdict before going back to minding our business.

Bottom line is: the sleeker a person looks, the sleeker we all just expect their phones to be. Going by this simple truth, you will be wise to know that Spark 5 is sleek for days. The fantastic thing is; you don’t have to empty your savings nest for it.

About Spark 5

The Spark 5 phones are sleek works of art. Literally. They come in distinct, bursting colours of Ice emerald, Burnt Orange and Holiday Blue. These colours are so uniquely different and stunning that they automatically set you up as a trendy person.  Spark 5 has a 6.6 inches HD+ Dot-in screen with a super immersive display. The screen has a 90.2% perfect screen ratio and is 164.7*76.3*8.75mm in size with 720*1600 HD+ resolution. Immediately your phone lights up in public, you can’t help but be labelled cool and trendy, all at a sweet range price.

You might wonder what all the fuss is about. Why bother? Who cares what other people think of you? You are totally cool with your phone. The fact though is; humans like to stand out amongst the crowd and make a statement. As a young stylish business person, you want a prospective client to know that you are not cheap without saying a word. Nothing will help you say that more than Spark 5, especially when it’s price won’t hurt your business’s bottom line in any way.

The same thing goes for a lady on a first date. No lady with a nice phone like Spark 5 ever goes on a date and leaves her phone in her bag no matter how intriguing her date is. Immediately she places her Spark 5 on the table, her date gets the tone loud and clear; she is classy and trendy and has impeccable but temperate taste.

Moreover, almost everything has gone digital now. This is especially so for entrepreneurs. You really do not need to meet with prospective clients or buyers before they can see the service you offer or the wares you sell. With Spark 5, you can dismiss any hurdles you have been facing and get attractive pictures out to anyone. Spark 5 has 5 cameras that affords you so much more angles to work such that your pictures stand out among a myriad of pictures effortlessly.

Without much ado, I am pleased and honoured to be the one to tell you that Spark 5 by TECNO allows you to make that exact statement you wish and aspire to make.

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  1. Olusegunade

    August 9, 2020 at 10:04 pm

    Top design! Love the device

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