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Nigerians are Saying No to the Death Sentence of Yahaya Aminu Sharif by the Sharia Court

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What is the difference between the State and terrorists, if the State is putting a man to death for his (lack of) beliefs?

That is the question Nigerians are asking after 22-year-old Yahaya Aminu Sharif was sentenced to death by the Sharia Court in Kano.


According to the BBC, Yahaya shared a song on WhatsApp praising an imam with the Tijaniya Muslim brotherhood. How was it blasphemous? They say the praises went to the extent of placing the imam above the Prophet Muhammad.

Yahaya had gone into hiding after the song spread, but protesters burned down his family home and then demanded that Hisbah, the Islamic police, arrest him.

Well, Nigerians everywhere are now doing some protesting of their own.

No one, they say, deserves to die because of “blasphemy.” If people are sentenced to death because of what they say about a religion, then what makes the court different from Boko Haram, who also kills in the name of religion?

This is what Nigerians have to say:

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