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Kaycee Madu is Looking Forward to Nigeria Becoming a Place where Hard Work & Merit are Rewarded



Nigerians have since poured out their goodwill messages and expressed their support for Canada’s new Minister of Justice and Solicitor General for the province of Alberta, Nigerian-born lawyer Kaycee (Kelechi) Madu, and it has not gone unnoticed.

In a recent interview with BBC World Service and a series of tweets, Kaycee expressed his love and gratitude to Nigerians, as he looks forward to the day when Nigeria and Africa become places where hard work and merit are rewarded.

A day when citizens of Nigeria can achieve their God-given potential, regardless of the part of the country where they come from or who their parents are.

A day we all certainly do look forward to.

This was Kaycee’s response to BBC World Service concerning where he would be if he was still in Nigeria:

I’ve always said my story could only have been possible in my province of Alberta… I love my home country, Nigeria, but there is no question that I look forward to a day when my fellow countrymen and women in that country can achieve their God-given potential, regardless of the part of the country they come from and regardless of who their parents are.

Listen to the full interview on BBC world service below:

Here’s how proud Nigerians have reacted to the interview online

Photo Credit: KayceeMaduYEG

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