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#BBNaija Day – 62: Trikytee, Ozo take a Bow from the Show & All Hail the ‘Lockdown’ Geng Finalists



The final five pop a toast

What better way to celebrate being part of the final five Housemates in the Lockdown House than with a toast. Neo, Dorathy, Vee, Laycon and Nengi toast to their journey thus far.

Trikytee and Ozo are Evicted

It is the second last Sunday in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown House and tears of joy and sorrow flow as the Housemates say goodbye to Trikytee and Ozo.

We were down to the Top 5 tonight as Trickytee and Ozo were Evicted from the Big Brother Naija Lockdown House! As usual, here is a rundown of how that went down:

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Hello from Ebuka

Tonight our handsome host was dashing as he rocked a one of a kind creation by none other than Ugo Monye! He began by welcoming the Housemates moving quite swiftly to the first Eviction. After getting a tip-off from Biggie we quickly realised that there would be another Eviction which he dutifully undertook.

Trikytee and Ozo say goodbye

The Housemates said goodbye to Ozo and Trikytee tonight which was very emotional for some Housemates and some of our viewers.

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A word from the House

Nengi said the week had been up and down due to her and her ‘closest person in the House’ experiencing differences as they got to know each other better. Neo said the reason he told Ozo to free Nengi a little bit was so that she could have room to miss him. Vee told Ebuka that everyone had their chance to nominate Housemates in their groups and it was not necessarily about winning people over- though, she was shocked that she won her team over. Dorathy was very nervous and told Ebuka that she felt like it was such a coincidence that the couple was safe, saying she felt played. Ozo was not disappointed that the rest of his team did not agree with his nomination choices.

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Goodbye from our Evictees

In his interview Trickytee told Ebuka that the Housemates kept saving him because he was himself, saying that it was not deliberate that he was close to certain people in the House. He did admit to having a soft spot for Wathoni and Dorathy. Trikytee plans to stay on his journey as a filmmaker and to make more music in the near future.

You can watch Trikytee’s journey here:

Ozo explained that he got close to Nengi around the time of his birthday when they resolved their differences. He was very passionate about his plans for the future telling Ebuka that he was going to pursue sports development. He felt that through sports development more jobs would be created. Before he left, Ozo extended the Vote of thanks he wanted to give as his winning speech, thanking his dad, mom, sisters and the organizers for all their support.

Take a look at Ozo’s journey:

We are just seven days away from the final crowning glory! Voting is extended as we enter our final stretch.

Dorathy and Ozo chat to Ebuka

Dorathy straight up says that she feels played by Vee and Neo and Ozo is a bit more diplomatic, saying that he could not impose his will on the team.

Nengi, Neo and Vee catch up with Ebuka

Nengi calls Ozo her “best friend”, Neo doesn’t feel that Nengi is using Ozo and Vee eventually admits that she was surprised that she won Laycon and Trikytee over to Nominate Ozo and Dorathy.

Is this the last one?

Tonight marks the last Live Show before the finale. The Big Brother housemates who were facing eviction got the chance to chat with Biggie one last time.

Here is the hottest ginger from the conversation they had.

Tonight marks the last Live Eviction Show before the Finale on Sunday 27 Septemeber and Laycon, Ozo, Dorathy and Trikytee are all up for possible Eviction. They got the chance to chat with Biggie and here is the hottest ginger from the conversation they had.


Our musician Housemate shared with Biggie during his Diary Room Session that he was feeling tense and scared for the first time and he can’t wait for the Eviction process to be over. He shared that getting to the Finale is his goal and this is what makes this Eviction so nerve-racking for him. Laycon’s choice of who he thinks will be going was Trikytee and Ozo, but he tries not to focus on anyone else but himself.


Ozo shared with Biggie that this latest Eviction process has made him worried and tense, but he is still appreciative and grateful to have been part of the Big Brother process. He also shared that everyone who has made it this far is there for a reason, and his reason was that it brought him out of his shell. When asked about who he thinks isn’t going to be around on Monday, he answered Laycon and Trikytee. He closed off by sharing that he knows that his situation with Nengi is far from ideal but he is happy he met her.


Dorathy shared with Biggie that she is always nervous on Sunday’s and has been so since the first week. She also told him that her faith will see her through again. When asked who is going home she couldn’t immediately answer, but after being pressed she offered Trikytee and Laycon as possible candidates. She closed off by mentioning that she feels grateful to have been a part of the Big Brother Naija Lockdown for as long as she has.


The Housemate to survive more Evictions than any other shared with Biggie that he feels tense and thinks that he is hanging on by a thread. He also feels that he is the captain of the Eviction class, but realistically still feels hopeful. He struggled to pick who should be headed home because all the Housemates according to him are great. If push came to shove he bets that Laycon and Ozo will be joining Ebuka on stage to say goodbye. In closing, he mentioned that no experience can beat being on Big Brother and his expectations were surpassed.

With Eviction weighing heavily on the Housemates’ minds, it’s no surprise that they are tense. Since Live Show will put some of the Housemates out of their misery and others into a state of ecstasy, the only thing we can do is watch and see how it all turns out.