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LagosMums to host its 7th Annual Parenting Conference Themed ‘Gen Z – Growth & Grit‘ | October 10

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Save the date for the LagosMums 7th Annual parenting conference. The theme this year is Gen Z – Growth and Grit!
The LagosMums team is excited to be bringing you the 7th edition and first virtual parenting conference.

Parenting Conference
Why hold this? LagosMums hosts the largest group of parents once a year to discuss all that is happening in the Parenting world. They believe that it takes a village to raise a child and also add that in today’s world, it takes an e-village. – Yetty Williams, Founder & CEO LagosMums
The conference this year will hold as follows:
Date: Saturday, October 10th, 2020
Time: 10 am (WAT).
Venue: Online

LagosMums is pleased to be hosting this conference this year but with a twist! It will be our first all virtual and online conference.
This event is FREE to attend but registration is required. To register Click Here.

The Theme this year is “Genz Z – Growth and Grit”. This is a very timely discussion; as the pandemic has certainly changed people’s lives both locally and globally. Parenting is a global matter and highlighted with challenges that parents in every part of the world are facing.
There are several panels and experts planned to delve deep into how the family has changed. People have gone digital, and hence the parenting conference is being moved online. This will ensure that the conversation continues and connects with parents anywhere in the world.

Parenting Discussions
Discussions will focus on several things that affect children and families at this time such as the future of jobs. With the prevalence of mental health illnesses, there will also be discussions on how to ensure effective mental health for children and families; right from home. People have gone digital and it is imperative to discuss practical ways to raise responsible digital citizens; with a focus on digital well-being and online safety.

Who should attend the parenting conference?
The conference is perfect for parents, caregivers, educators, or anyone that interested in empowering the youth and the future generations. If this is you, then register to join the conference.
The conference is free to attend but you register in order to get the details to access the virtual rooms online. After signing up you will get the details to join the sessions.

The conference will attract thousands of mums, parents, caregivers, and their families. This event offers a great opportunity for companies to showcase their products and services. Vendors and sponsors will have the opportunity to increase awareness of their products and services to thousands and millions of families. LagosMums have an engaged community and the conversations continue even after the conference.

Parenting in the 21st Century and the ongoing pandemic comes with several influences, opportunities and challenges. As the African proverb says, it takes a village, and I say it takes an e-village to raise children today. We all need support and this is what happens when like-minded parents and experts come together to discuss how to raise strong and sound families. We help each other on the parenting journey.” – Yetty Williams, Founder LagosMums.

There are several opportunities for vendors and sponsors to showcase their products and services to the largest group of parents. LagosMums only bring the best to parents!
For Vendor or Paa kindly email [email protected]

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