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Be There for the Ones you Love with the Leadway Assurance Lifestyle Protection Plan



I am sorry I cannot take this promotion, there is somewhere I need to be.
The character in the movie raced out of the office to his car and drove like his life depended on it to his daughter’s recital. He had always promised her so many things but always failed to come through because of the pressure of his job. The outright refusal of the promotion was his way of making up and proving that he really loved her.

Art mirrors life.

Just like in the movies, love is a recurring theme in life. Everyone’s goal is centered around the things and people they love. A quick trip to social media will show you tweets and posts of people professing undying love to their loved ones. From parents dropping posts about their children to people going as far as dedicating posts to a future lover/wife/husband, there is never a scarcity of people professing love.

But while tweets and words tell intention, what really affirms the authenticity of love? What tells the bystander that truly those words are real?

Like the movie character that threw the prospect of a better job out the proverbial window to go cheer his favorite daughter in the world, action is the only thing that affirms a verbal declaration of love. These actions must be in line with the words uttered.
Like our character, it became clear that saying he cared for his daughter wasn’t enough to wipe the sadness off her face anytime he missed her recitals.

Words are simply never enough.

Everyone must strive to do what they can to back their words up with actions that match. However, we understand that this may not always be the case because unlike our movie character, people may not always have the right conditions to take the action that they need to.

This is why we created the Leadway Lifestyle Protection Plan.

Leadway Lifestyle Protection Plan makes sure that no matter how life steers the wheel, you will always be in the place to back your words with actions and come through for your loved ones. Even if it gets as bad as an accident or an unexpected demise, you are rest assured knowing that your loved ones will stay protected.
With the Leadway Lifestyle Protection Plan, you never have to worry that your words are empty promises because you will always be there for the ones you love.

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