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Mike Hunder: Connect with People Around the World Through Online Courses

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As the world continues to change, it’s more important than ever that we stay connected. One way to connect and meet new people from around the world is via online courses. Online courses are being used today for everything – from creating authentic learning experiences to developing amazing relationships and, of course, meeting new people from outside our borders.

Are you passionate about meeting new people and have a level of expertise to share? Here’s how online courses will help you connect with people from around the world:

Meet more diverse groups of people

Reading books about the culture of other people is one thing, interacting with people of other cultures is another. When you join an online study group, you meet new people and share aspects of your different culture with one another in a rewarding learning environment. With online courses, you can easily establish friendships and meet new people from different parts of the world.

Learn new lingo and slangs

In an online community of international learners, people get to learn a few foreign lingo and slangs spoken by members from other parts of the world. This might be a simple slang for greeting one another, or a curse word when one gets stuck on an assignment. They also get to learn these in a friendly and relaxed environment – the kind of opportunity that lots of people pay good money to get.

Become a more open-minded person

An essential part of online coaching is the open discussion. Here, members discuss how to identify their ideal audience, their pain-points, their concerns, and the results that they seek. This means you gain insights into the different backgrounds of members, and people generally. You begin to notice myths and cultural barriers that you might have to let go of in order to achieve the common interest of the learning community. You also get to appreciate the realities of members’ lives in their home countries from a more flexible perspective.

Learning together in an online course group that involves people of different backgrounds makes you a more cultured, open-minded, and awesome individual.

Make better connections

When you work together in an online study group – whether it’s laughing about a course quiz members took, or exchanging ideas about finding a profitable business idea – you get a sense of fun, excitement, and real connections.

Furthermore, international group members engage in serious discussions on local implementation issues that center on how to put their learning experiences into practice in their local communities. By this, they spend valuable time together and actually develop a deep connection between the coach, clients, and with one another.

Get networking opportunities

Experienced professionals need to adapt to the increasing shift towards globalization. One way to adapt quickly is to create a professional-level online course for professionals in various fields and countries. You meet new people, create relationships with subject matter experts and professionals across national boundaries, and discuss trends about turning big and exciting experiences into step-by-step transformation online courses. By this, you exchange ideas and share knowledge with international colleagues. You get an inside look into the digital knowledge industry in a global context, so you understand your field and position better. This helps you widen the scope of your networking opportunities.

If you are enthusiastic about meeting new people and have a level of expertise in your field, then online courses are for you. To start, get an online coaching checklist, then set up your own online course, and drive traffic across national boundaries to your online course. Or just enroll in a professional-level online course that you like, and there you go!


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A foremost training consultant and public speaker based in Lagos. Erstwhile bank general manager [union bank of nigeria Plc and the then oceanic bank, now Ecobank, respectively], Mike continues to take out time to share his experiences to help others pursue their dreams. Reach him at Emails: [email protected] ; [email protected]

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