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’Wait! Is this my proposal?’ Tomi & Ifeanyi ’s Super Sweet #BNBling




Tomi got the best surprise from her favourite guy, Ifeanyi and it was much more than she expected. She walked in and she even had to ask:  ’Wait! Is this my proposal?’ and it really was. Gladly, she told us how it all happened on her Instagram page and we also got the photos of the day.

She shared:

Little Miss Perfect was caught unawares
I’m still shocked that anyone could successfully surprise me.
I had sworn to all my friends that I will know when Mr. N was going to propose.
I definitely didn’t see it coming?.

Back story:
Last week Thursday I got a message from my friend @chichi_bellaaa “Hey love, You free this weekend? I’d like to take you out for lunch to make up for your birthday gift. Remember I told you I was still going to get you a proper gift on your birthday” I was like- Aww that’s so sweet of you hun, but you got me a box of muffins on my birthday’’ But she said she still wanted to us to do lunch so I’m like – Okay girl, let’s do Sunday.??
Tbh I was just really happy I’d finally be going out because I had been home since ‘Rona kicked in.


The next day, Friday, My big sister @thedrkemi (who was a frontline for COVID 19) called me to tell me she had a free manicure and pedicure session for Saturday @qmnail.lounge and was told to come with someone so she thought to take me. I felt so lucky that she chose me of all the options she had. I’m like Omg! Thank you so much, why me though? And she’s like why not☺️. (Now I didn’t suspect a thing because she had gotten so many other gifts for being a frontline for #Covid19) I really just felt so special and blessed that I had a fun weekend ahead. I called Mr. N to tell him about the two amazing dates I had planned with my sister for Saturday and my friend for Sunday.
I thought to myself…God really just wants to spoil me this weekend, maybe it’s my reward for giving out a lot recently…?

Saturday came and I met up with @thedrkemi at the nail salon. We sat down to get started. I noticed she stepped out at some point to speak to them and make some videos for her Ig story. Then the nail technicians came and started with my pedicure, while another was doing my Manicure. I was having such a great time posting on my Ig story with my other hand when I turned and noticed the lady had started fixing my nails. Now I’m such a natural when it comes to my nails. I only get them done once a year during my birthday and I didn’t even get ‘em done during my birthday in July because… stress. So I immediately blurted out that I didn’t want my nails done because I’m just home this period. My sister was like “just do it now… since it’s free, I’m doing mine too‘’ I’m like okay… it’s not every day I get free nails so yeah just go ahead. We finished with our nails and left. Sunday came and while going through my wardrobe, looking for an outfit for my lunch date with Chierika, I decided to go with Pink which was the current theme on my page so I could take pictures to post. Chierika came to pick me up at 4 pm and we headed straight to Lunch.


We got there, placed our orders and took pictures. Then came our order and we ate while chatting away. At 6:15 pm I looked at the time and told her we would leave at 6:30 pm because I was hurrying home to watch #Bigbrothernaija eviction show at 7:00 pm. At 6:30 pm we got in her car and she told me she needed to pick up her sister at Maison Fahrenheit. I’m like ‘‘Alright let’s just hurry because I can’t miss the eviction show’’. Then she suggested we all stop at hers to watch it. So that was the plan. We get to Maison Fahrenheit, she goes in and comes out and says her sister is at the rooftop with her cousin and they are wasting time so I should come up with her so that we can hurry them up. I got to the rooftop and looked up only to see Mr N standing. Then I saw @aep_photography… Chierika started smiling and making videos. I’m like errr What’s going on?… Next, I saw the Red carpet and the ‘’Marry me’’ Blocks. I remember saying ‘’Wait! Is this my proposal?’’?He led me to the front after which my family and friends came out from their hiding…❤️




Bride-to-be: @tomi.awoyemi
Photography: @aep_photography

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