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Sam Smith’s Makeup Routine Involves This Surprising Step



From their all-time favourite serum to fresh skincare, 4-step makeup routine and the perfect lip gloss, Sam Smith shares their beauty secrets with Vogue.

“Hello, Vogue…I’m going to be walking you through my daily skin-care routine and what I do to attempt to look fresh and beautiful every day,” Sam Smith says. When I was younger I definitely didn’t take care of my skin. From about 14 to 18 [years old], I had full makeup on every day to school…I would do my eyebrows and I’d put on fake eyelashes and contour and everything as a kid.”

For Sam, no procedure or product, not even their all-time favourite hyaluronic acid!—replaces the art of self-care: “You can put whatever you want on your face, but if you’re not looking after your mind, your heart, and your body, that also shows. Look after your skin; look after yourself.”

Check it out in the clip below.

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