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The 6th Edition of Omilola Oshikoya’s ‘Do It Afraid Conference’ was a Huge Success & We have Photos



Omilola Oshikoya International
 has successfully held another edition of its annual Do It Afraid Conference. The 6th Annual edition of the Do it Afraid Conference by Omilola Oshikoya International (OOI) with the theme “A Volcanic Transformation” took place on Sunday, November 8th, 2020, and streamed live to circa 3,000 participants across continents.

The conference is a wealth creation event focused on the psychology of an entrepreneur with a goal to inspire millennials to fulfil their dreams, visions, and purposes by overcoming fear. This year’s conference also marked the 5th anniversary of the epoch-making event. Since its inception in 2015, there have been a total of 6 conferences and 1 workshop with over 80 speakers who have impacted circa 4,500 attendees and thousands more online.

The convener, Omilola Oshikoya in her welcome address elucidated how a dormant volcano suddenly erupts when there is enough pressure, stretching, and thinning of the earth’s crust’s plates. A volcano is seen to disrupt but it actually causes phenomenal transformation. Omilola further explained how the global pandemic and the recent end sars protests could be described as volcanic eruptions that highlighted the underlying issues that Nigeria had been facing such as over-dependence of oil as the major source of revenue, which has affected the development of other sectors and has led to the increase in inflation, increases in unemployment and the poverty rate, etc.

Despite all that has happened, Omilola mentioned that like a volcano, it is an opportunity for national transformation. In her speech, she stated how there must be widespread digital transformation and the emergence of the ideas economy. This year’s conference was focused on technology as a catalyst for transformation.

She said “in terms of technology, Nigeria should focus on export-led digitization, develop land for technology and put an infrastructure in place, focus on attracting global tech giants for economic growth, promote innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship and create a smart nation. She said, “Nigeria needs to be well-positioned for the digitization of the global economy which is imminent.” She also insisted that the Nigerian youth are our national treasure and investment in education and a complete overhaul of the current educational system and curriculum is important.

The main panel session was graced by Jadesola Adedeji (Founder Stem Mets), Otto Orondaam (Founder Slum 2 School Africa), Tolu Adelowo (Chief growth Officer Cousant), Gaise Baba (Nigerian recording and performing artist), Tubosun Alake (Special Adviser to Lagos State Government on innovation and technology), Simi Nwogogu (CEO JA Africa) and moderated by Omilola Oshikoya (Convener). Intelligent conversations were sparked around Education, Technology, and the need for Nigeria to harness and tap into these sectors to champion the next level of transformation within her economy. Technology investor, Chika Nwobi also shared how start-ups can move from micro-entrepreneurship to high growth entrepreneurship and also position themselves for external funding.

John Obidi, an Online Business Coach and Founder at Headstart Africa delivered a mind-blowing knowledge sharing session on “Skills for the New Economy”. He charged listeners to master the technology of the new economy.

The fireside chat moderated by awarding-winning TV presenter, Ayo Mairo-Ese was an unconventional one as the convener sat with her husband, Gbenga Oshikoya where they both took turns to respond to questions regarding the journey of the Do It Afraid Conference over the years and behind-the-scenes events which largely contributed to the success of the conference over years.

The final session was the keynote which was delivered by the impeccable Kunle Soriyan (Futurist & Chief Knowledge Officer Kenneth Soriyan Research and ideas) where he shattered limiting beliefs and practices while empowering thousands of listeners with unconventional information needed to thrive and create volcanic transformation at any industry

Omilola Oshikoya went on to address the virtual audience on the next-level strategic plan, an off-shoot of the conference which is “The Dream Incubator“. The goal is to equip and empower at least 50 aspiring entrepreneurs every quarter of the year to move from dream to reality by providing them access to mentorship, business skills, training, seed funding in order to actualize their dreams. For registration, sponsorship, and partnership please send an email to [email protected]

The 6th Edition of the Do It Afraid Conference was supported by BellaNaija, Olori Super Gal, Icey Drinks Cocktails, Cape Soul Company, Alexia Horsfall, Kairos Hub, The Boxd Company, So Fresh, Script Edge, SW Motion Works, Mr. Russel & Co, Zohar Project Managers, etc. The costs of the event were financed through crowdfunding from the founder’s network and people who have been impacted by the conference over the years.

You can watch the entire event by clicking here.

Do It Afraid is a trademark owned by Omilola Oshikoya International, a wealth and financial advisory, training, and coaching organization.

To know more about the Do It Afraid Initiative follow @doitafraidacademy @omilolaoshikoya

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