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Jimmy Odukoya talks Balancing Life as a Pastor & an Actor on “Bar Room Therapy”



In this episode of “Bar Room Therapy” Nollywood actor and pastor, Jimmy Odukoya, popularly known as Pastor J shares his thought process with Shola Thompson.

He talks extensively about being a pastor and an actor, amidst other things and handling the expectations and requirements that come with the job.

Concerning how he handles the requirements and balancing both worlds, Jimi had this to say,

So for me, and here’s the thing because I’m not just an actor, there are certain lines that I would not cross. I can understand now from an actor’s perspective when you see people doing certain things because they see it as a job. Just like you a have doctor or a gynecologist who puts his hands in female’s vagina…he’s literally doing his work, that’s his work. You don’t have gospel doctors or gospel accountants, so why do we need to have gospel musicians?

As an actor, your job is to assume a character and bring this character to life. When they see you, they see this character, and if you can look at me and see that I’m acting then I have failed as an actor. I understand that full commitment. So for me, I have set certain standards because there’s a me that you see on screen and there’s a me that you see in real life.

Sometimes I know people will always say that as a pastor you should only do good roles, and I say no. If as long as there’s a message that can be learned, consequences for actions, I’m okay to play the antagonist, I’m okay to play the villain because people can learn. As long as I’m not glorifying sin and I’m not doing anything against what I believe, then I’m okay to do it.

Watch the full interview:

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