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Ready for a Fun-time with Your Family? DStv is giving You 6 Reasons to get a Compact This Festive Season ?



The best period of the year is here finally, and we are so excited about the prospect of spending quality time with friends and family. During this period, entertainment is sure to play a huge part in the celebration. As your plug for the juiciest and the most rewarding offers around, we have found a very good DStv hack for you this holiday. It’s the DStv Compact offer!

Like really, it’s the best entertainment deal out there but don’t take our word for it yet, we’ve come up with 6 reasons why we think it’s the best deal for you this period. Come along, let’s explore.

1- More for less- You see, these are trying times my people, you want to spend the resources you have wisely and still get the maximum value. The festivities are also here, a time to create memories with friends and loved ones, so you can’t afford not to bring all the necessary entertainment to the party. DStv compact has all the entertainment you need on TV this holiday for NGN7,900 only.

2- Thrilling Sport Content: Sport during the festivities is always special! There is just this happy vibe to sport during this period. On DStv compact, you get the best of the English Premier League, The WWE, and other amazing sports content again for only NGN7,900 a month! Yeah, that’s right. You get to see Mourinho, Lampard, Klopp, Arteta, Ole, and Pep battle it out for the Premier League title; live and in HD without breaking the bank.  The boxing day clash between The Gunners and The Blues is definitely a game to look forward to, but just before that, the Manchester derby comes up on the 12th between United and City. You can’t afford to miss these games. They are going to be live on SuperSport Premier League.

3- Movies anyone? Yes please! – Another thing that makes this season so special is that you get to watch a lot of exciting and thrilling movies with your loved ones. Remember ‘Home Alone’, ‘Maid in Manhattan’ or other exciting Christmas themed movies? Yeah, you get to watch Christmas themed movies and non-Christmas themed movies on the DStv Compact bouquet this season. Knives Out (6th December), Midway (13th, December), Last Christmas (20th December), and Dolittle (27th December) are exciting movies to look forward to on M-Net Channel 101 every Sunday this December.

4- Telenovela fan? Compact’s Got You! – No doubt this is a season to get in your feelings. For fans of telenovelas, it is a special time to watch these emotional tv shows with loved ones. Don’t worry DStv Compact has all the telenovela content that will get you in your feels this season. All you have to do is subscribe. You are welcome. Channel 133 is the place to be. watch shows like Wings of Love, Black Money Love, Kurt Seyit, and Shura on Timeless Dizzi this December.

5Keeping the kids entertained and busy- Kids are on holiday and you want to keep them entertained and busy so that you can have time to do your own thing and also be well-rested.  DStv compact has all the cartoon channels and all the entertainment channels needed to keep the kids busy just for you. Zoomoo and other animations are available on Kids Pop Channel 314 to keep them engaged throughout the holiday season.

6 Martial Arts Content for the Adrenaline Junkies – Martial arts is an exercise for both the body and mind. You want to get your body and mind in the right place to be able to celebrate properly and have a good time with friends and family and be energized to go again in the new year.  DStv Compact has all the martial art content you need on KIX to feed your body and your mind this period. Make sure you are connected so that you can enjoy the best experience. Channel 114 got you covered!

Get ready for action on DStv Compact this month. With 135+ channels crammed with Premier League and WWE, the blockbuster movies you love, and a wide selection of local and international entertainment, reality, news, music, and lifestyle channels, Compact is just the package you need for this special season.

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