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10 Things to look out for when Shopping



Shopping is often much more than what you purchase. it is the experience and thrill that comes with getting something you have wanted for some time. It could also be the excitement of getting something you didn’t really plan for. Whatever the reason, shopping often feels right.

Here are some of the things you should consider when shopping either online or offline;

  • Be wary of scams and frauds

Privacy and security are of serious concern while shopping. Be careful not to fall for bait clicks – many websites are feigning to be online shopping stores. In the speed of light, your hard-earned cash can be siphoned. Scammers would use different methods to access your valuable personal details, such as your usernames and passwords.

  • Examine Product details

Packaging at times can be so enticing that you forget to do the needful – examining product review. Avoid experiencing a complex case of buyer’s remorse by always checking product information before purchasing an item. Check the expiry date for edible products and always ensure that you leave enough time for usage or consumption before the best before date.

  • Shipping costs

 Shipping costs vary depending on location, the cost, the size, and the date you want your order to be delivered. Calculating a shipping cost that works for you can not be overemphasized. This is important when shopping online or on Social Media.

  • Know your rights

 Each brand has it’s strict return policies about the process involved around purchasing their items. While some brands offer return policies for items purchased, others staunchly stand against it. As a customer, it’s an exclusive right to be in the know about the refund and return policies of the store you are to shop from.

  • Read Product Reviews 

 A product is as good as the worst review. Subscribing to the age-long but becoming a tradition of gleaning fat on reviews should become topmost on the checklist of the things to look out for when shopping – these are based on real customer experiences. 

  • Only shop from secure sites when shopping online.

Have you surfed the web and you noticed that the site does not have the SSL(secure sockets layer) encryption installed. A secured website is supposed to start with HTTPS instead of just HTTP. This is an icon of a locked padlock, to the left of the URL in the address bar. Be on the lookout for the padlock. 

  • Always plan to shop in seasons with guaranteed discounts 

Seasons like Christmas, or change in seasons or Black Friday are great times to plan for shopping if you are buying a lot or planning for big-ticket items. Imagine getting an item at 60% off from the vendor and still being able to PayWithSpecta? Life doesn’t get easier does it?

  • Look out for stores with Loyalty Schemes and Rewards

Supermarkets, stores and retail chains often offer amazing discounts on select products. A lot of retail outlets offer amazing reward schemes. You can either gain points that enable you obtain discounts and sometimes, you can convert your points to credit and the credit can be used to buy items. Researching the outlet, you purchase from is important. Interestingly, these offers are available both offline and online.

Why stress about what platform to use when paying for purchases online? PayWithSpecta is secure, fast and reliable and accepted worldwide and across multiple platforms. It allows you to pay over an extended period of time. You can get all the good things in life without stressing. Shopping is bae, not being under pressure while shopping is even more amazing.

  • Always plan your shopping

It is important to plan for shopping. This allows you take advantage of opportunities that PayWithSpecta offers. You can open your PayWithSpecta account and register before you even need to shop. Planning makes a lot of difference as it separates those who enjoy benefits from those who do not.

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