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LandWey set to Open Lagos’ First Wellness and Polo City



Wellness and the future of life as we know it are about to be altered as Landwey sets out to open Nigeria’s first-ever wellness and polo city. The city is called “Isimi Lagos”, an ode to the peace of mind it promises to give to its future residents.

Isimi Lagos holds the promise of countless ways to enjoy an active and beautifully diverse lifestyle within nature; the perfect meeting point of technology and architecture. Nothing beats the picturesque scenery of the city, and residents would be privy to the 360 panoramic views of nature at its finest. Residents of this majestic city would not only enjoy quality time away from the bustle of Lagos, but they get the gift of nature and the world around them to explore, all the while investing in their physical and emotional well-being.

The idyll of the city is punctuated by an all-natural lake which can be used for everything from kayaking to family picnics, and residents who have dreamed of destination weddings can take advantage of the waterfront which makes for the perfect wedding venue. Fine dining restaurants make for the most exquisite dining experience, set to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates, with organic ingredients freshly harvested from the farm. Asides from an extensive array of amenities, the city offers a range of home styles, and residents can choose the best-suited home for them.

In a commercial city like Lagos, finding a place that offers green and sustainable living creates the ideal escape for the nature-loving individual. Isimi Lagos is family-friendly with several outdoorsy features that promote family bonding. Families will enjoy outdoor activities like being able to pick their fruits and vegetables from the farm, while the petting zoo is a unique feature within the ranch that is guaranteed to be the children’s favorite.

A utopia for sports lovers, the city boasts of a standard polo turf with a stable that houses some of the world’s best horses, and being surrounded by kilometers of riding trails provides a state-of-the-art riding experience. The golf course is certain to thrill both the pros and the beginners and would make residents fall in love with the game.

Sophisticated meeting rooms and workspaces situated within the tech valley are equipped with high-speed internet and uninterrupted power to boost the efficiency of the residents, and the sheer elegance of these spaces make them the perfect place to harness intellectual capacity, fueled by the peace that abounds around.

In character with the overarching theme of wellness, the city would adopt unorthodox means of commute; providing eco-friendly means of transportation such as hybrid electric vehicles and bicycles – and with the wide road networks within the city, transporting is a thrill. For more unconventional means of transport, the city sports a marina and a helipad, for residents who would rather fly or cruise.

Landwey is known for innovative and disruptive housing solutions, understanding the clients’ needs and then surpassing their expectations. With each project, Landwey redefines what home should be, look like and feel like, and with Isimi Lagos, the organization is set to take “wellness” to an astronomical new level.

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