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“Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic” Album | All the Questions Joeboy Answered During Our Live Twitter Chat

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On Thursday, February 5, we had a chat with the fast-rising star, Joeboy about his newly released album “Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic”.

The 14 track album houses songs like “Lonely“, “Consent“, “Count Me Out” “Oshe“, “Oh“, “Sugar Mama“, “Police“, “Better Thing“, “Runaway” and “Celebration” with production credits going to Beatsbyko, MOGKellyBigFish, Tempoe, Mex Flairz, Dera, Semzi, Type A and Killertunes.

Here are all the questions he answered during our Twitter chat.


Your debut album – Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic – is finally here! And the response has been nothing short of amazing: it’s currently charting at Number 1. How does this make you feel? 

I think it’s a good beginning of great things to come, its been a long time coming. Glad that I finally got to put it out and I am happy people love it.

What inspired the album?

The inspiration behind the album is the experiences I have had, the idea of love, self-love, and gratitude.

What would you say was the most challenging part of recording this project?

I think that was when Oxygen Mix hard drive crashed and we had to re-record about 70 per cent of the songs on the album.

How did you choose the producers to work with on this project?

Personally, I love working with a lot of producers, they play a huge role in creating the sound, they all came through 100 per cent and they killed it. 

While making this album, what did you hope for it to achieve?

To show sey e choke.

Take us through your creative process when making music.

I usually record a lot of choruses on my voice notes, its like second nature to me, then I hit up my producers to send me different beats to create songs with.

How is it like making an album in a pandemic? Is it any different from “before the plague”? 

It definitely feels different these are crazy times but we always have to adapt and keep it moving.

You have to pick one o. What is your favourite song on the album?

Has to be “Count Me Out”, meant every word I said.

What would you be doing if you were not making music?

I would probably be a banker or human resource manager.

Tell us something your fans don’t know about you.

There is this perception they mostly have of me, that I am a “good” boy, I am not lmao.


Don’t forget to (continue to) stream “Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic”.

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