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Getting Through COVID-19, Finding a New Home + Valentine’s Day Brunch – Mike & Perri Edwards share Interesting Life Update



In this episode of their “Mike + Perri” vlog, reality star Mike Edwards and his wife Perri are back with the good, the bad and the ugly as they share update us on everything that has gone on in their lives in 2021. From Perri’s recovery from coronavirus and baby Matthew‘s first time experiencing snow to Mike finally finding a new home in Lagos and their special valentine’s day brunch.

About dealing with COVID-19, Perri says it was a surprise to her because “obviously I had no idea and the only reason why I found out is that I took the test and that’s because with MTV, all the filming that we’re doing we get tested regularly.

She revealed her symptoms were loss of taste and smell and that she had to self isolate to avoid passing it on to Mike or baby Matthew. “I was actually very much frightened. I was scared because I’ve heard so many people with Covid and unfortunately they don’t come out on the other side. So I took all the necessary precautions to ensure it wouldn’t be passed on to the family. She further added that she is happy to have recovered from the virus saying, “I must say I am happy that I got through it and I’m here to tell the story and the family and I are all fine.”

Watch the new vlog below:

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  1. Prince tim

    February 17, 2021 at 10:13 pm

    Life is so good

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