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Reverbbeats Arua drops ‘LUVIN’ off his EP & it’s right on time for Valentine

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Reverbbeats Arua is one of the new afrobeat sensations. With his new single “LUVIN” he is bursting speakers across Nigeria.

The sensational artist was born in Lagos and grew up in the South East region of Nigeria, has his sound currently taking over the airwaves across Nigeria.

Fully named Udensi Fortune Arua, Reverbbeats Arua was coined out to mean a lot of things and stand for a lot of things too, he always had the flare for music right from an early age, and started writing songs at the age of 15, though he didn’t get access to a recording studio, so he decided to and had fun with writing music at that age. In his own words:

So when I started laying my hands on music production a little, I came across the name Reverb, and the effects, and it suited right with what I was teased with, this was some years after I left secondary school. I started my musical journey as a Producer, I used to be an unprofessional DJ too back in the day, I took production more seriously and did some projects as a Producer, I still do a little production. My official Release as an Artiste was in 2019, September, The song’s titled ‘Humble’, it did a lot in showing me my growth as an Artiste.”

Enjoy: track titled LUVIN

“I’m currently working on my EP, and ‘LUVIN‘ my latest single, which was released 1st February 2021 is setting the pace for that. Like I said, Reverbbeats Arua stands for a lot now, it stands for the name of my sound, it’s the name of my own little niche or genre in the wholesome umbrella of Afrobeats, and what matters most out of this Journey is creating a Legacy, a Journey that will be remembered for Longevity as well, so welcome to my Journey” said the artiste.

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