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IMMERSE Coaching Company launches “Visionary Compass”, its 40-week Accelerator Program for high Growth Visionaries



One of the leading personal transformation coaching firms, IMMERSE Coaching Company, launches Visionary Compass, its 40-week Accelerator Program, a comprehensive mentorship and coaching system for high-growth visionaries working to launch, build and scale their ventures.

IMMERSE, which was founded in 2014 by Debola Deji-Kurunmi, is a tech-driven global community with over 45, 000 members in 99 countries of the world, providing over 80 inspirational Courses, Coaching, and Content across all 12 areas of a significant life. The Coaching Company is also known for its Conscious Change Projects, where its members provide charitable support, material gifts, and empowerment to orphanages, vulnerable populations, schools, and rural women entrepreneurs amongst others.

With Visionary Compass, the Coaching Company is set to spur and support founders, executives, visionaries, and thought-leaders to clarify their next-level vision, and accelerate their impact through a robust MBA-grade curriculum, expert mentorship, a high-value proprietary Execution Blueprint and an energetic ecosystem of other visionaries over 40 weeks.

Debola Deji-Kurunmi, Founder of IMMERSE Coaching Company expressed enthusiasm saying

Our goal has always been to deliver transformational coaching experiences for people, so that they can release their highest potentials to solve problems, transform society, and co-create a better future, especially for the African continent! This is our mission, and we are well on our way.

We say to visionaries, whether you want to build a University, start an investment club for local farmers, run an urban fashion line for career women, create a public policy for disadvantaged teenagers, help the families of missionaries or scale your business into a global practice; your dreams are valid – and we want you to achieve your vision“.

Applications are now open into Visionary Compass till March 27th, 2021. Successful visionaries will be enrolled into a top-tier visionary leadership curriculum, get paired with a Mentor, gain expert guidance for their ventures, access funding, and investment opportunities as well as gain support on their project execution throughout the Program.

Partners to Visionary Compass include Ideation Hub Africa, and Enzo Krypton and Company.

To Register or Partner with them, visit HERE.

Contact them through [email protected]

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