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‘Development Dialogue’ by Ideation Hub Africa Will Hold Its 8th Edition This November

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‘Development Dialogue’ the 8th edition brought by Ideation Hub Africa (IHA) is scheduled to hold on November 24th, 2022 as a virtual summit.

This executive conference themed ‘Good Governance & Public Policy: The Roadmap to Rebuilding the Nation’ will convene African Leaders, nation-building enthusiasts, policy shapers, Development Practitioners, Non-profit Professionals, Social Innovators, Impact-driven Entrepreneurs, and Changemakers across Nigeria and Africa and other key players in Africa’s development sector to lead and participate in the insightful discourse around building a New Nigeria and Africa.

Fostering discussions on good leadership and public policy in Africa to achieve greater social impact and transformation to create more purposeful work for Africa’s future.

When considering a better future in Africa, we cannot ignore our leadership system, because a nation or a Continent is a reflection of its leadership. Leaders shape and mold their countries in the form they want, to determine the course of events and actions in their countries.

Debola Deji-Kurunmi, Executive Director of Ideation Hub Africa (Convener, Development Dialogue) expressed enthusiasm saying the conference will bring together young and emerging African leaders, policy shapers, social innovators, and nonprofit leaders to drive policy conversations, as well as share the most pragmatic insights for good governance in Nigeria, and across Africa.

The Dialogue is expected to spur engagements like :

  • Strengthen competencies for shaping beneficiary-centric policies that impact nation-building and deliver the highest impact for the public good.
  • Expand your leadership capacity to understand pressing problems and critical challenges in African communities, as well as craft workable solutions.
  • Understand Nigeria’s current governance structure, and how to contribute meaningfully through private sector participation, non-profit collaboration, academic and research inputs, etc.
  • Join a Leadership ThinkTank during the Conference, and learn how to craft a Blueprint that creates real solutions, especially for underserved African communities. Your contributions will shape the Policy Papers we are curating for governments.
  • Acquire important knowledge and skills for problem-solving, critical thinking, goal setting, and social innovation, especially as you take your work forward in 2023.
  • Connect with other super-achievers working in government, civil society, non-profits, social enterprises, academia, and impact-driven projects.
  • Access courses and conference replays from Social Innovation School to turbocharge your learning goals.

The Ideation Hub Africa has a mission to inspire conversations on how to amplify the voices of African citizens and engage them in facilitating systemic change through the building of strong and working relationships with the government, private sectors, and civil society that will supply the necessary support to contribute to good governance and influence policies that truly deliver results and sustainable societal transformation across the African Continent.

At Ideation Hub Africa, the belief is that to advance Nigeria’s prosperity, its social profit sector is in collaboration with other sectors! This is why at this year’s Development Dialogue, we will host thousands of virtual attendees for an unforgettable experience of learning, sharing, creating innovative solutions, forming collaborations to influence good leadership, governance, and policies, and mapping out new possibilities that will birth new ideas and vision of a New Nigeria and African Continent.

The 8th edition of ‘Development Dialogue’ is expected to be a ‘Big Conversation on Pragmatic African Leadership’ for stakeholders across the civil society, government, public and private sectors to raise burning issues, critically analyze Africa’s current situation affecting the continent, and leadership structures and identify innovative steps in birthing a New transformational change across the African Continent.

Since 2015, Ideation Hub Africa has built a 20,000+ member ecosystem of Social Innovators, Changemakers, and Nation Builders working to achieve the SDGs across 25 African Countries.

For more information on registration, visit their website

Date: November 24th, 2022

Time: 9:00 am WAT

Venue: Virtual

Watch the ED’s Exclusive Invitation to this year’s dialogue:

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