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Big Win for oraimo as they hit Global Sales Record of 100 Million

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Manufacturers of smart accessories oraimo, has achieved a global sales record of 100 million.

As a leading consumer choice of mobile accessories and smart devices, this milestone is one of many of the company’s goals.

oraimo, which began in Hong Kong in 2013, has since expanded to over 50 countries, with Nigeria being the most recent addition, spawning a giant community of loyalists.

Upon its entry into the Nigerian market, oraimo has since captured the hearts of millions of smartphone users by positioning itself as the #1 premium leading smartphone accessories brand in Nigeria, influencing end-user preferences.

oraimo has also ventured into the music industry, which is a big part of the culture among Nigerian youths, as MTV Base‘s Official Naija Top Ten is currently sponsored by oraimo.

The company is currently working with 2baba on a successful partnership. This collaboration has also strengthened their position in the Nigerian market, as fans of the legendary music crooner were quick to take notice of the brand.

This collaboration between oraimo and 2baba resulted in the production of the 2baba FreePods 2 in 2020. The 2baba FreePods 2 are the most popular true wireless stereo earphones in Nigeria, bringing amazing technology to everyone and specially tuned by 2Baba for the best afrobeat sound.

The brand seeks to maintain the undefeated title as the premium mobile accessory brand in Nigeria, and with the introduction of the oraimo Watch and many more smart accessories in the works, there is no limit to its user-friendly innovation.

oraimo’s winning strategy is its customer focus – being able to adapt its products to suit the core needs of consumers. The brand has extensively explored these needs and developed products to satisfy these requirements.

With the establishment of the e-shop (, oraimo has ensured that end-users can purchase its products with ease. The brand has also added an enticing offer of free deliveries for orders over N6,000, and their products are covered by a 365-day warranty.

To find out more about oraimo or its latest products, follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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