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It’s the 13th Season of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out | Here are 13 Reasons why this Show is a must-watch

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After a long pandemic break, and a dozen more award-worthy seasons to its name, Nick Cannon‘s comedy game show, Wild ‘N Out, is finally back on MTV Base!

With many hilarious episodes lined up for your entertainment, here are thirteen solid reasons you shouldn’t miss any more episodes of Wild ‘N Out – Season 13:

  1. Nick Cannon’s ya host: Your favorite actor, comedian, rapper, and presenter remains your host this season. With his charming humor and sarcastic comments, nobody gets left out, not even DJ D-wrek who gets dragged into the battles every now and then.
  2. Epic dance moves: If you are looking to be up to date with the latest moves, then Wild ‘N Out is certainly your go-to show. With celebrities and comedians busting moves to win points for their team, there will certainly be a whole lot to laugh about.
  3. Pie or die rap battle: If you don’t already know, Pie or Die is a game where each member is given a word and has to use it correctly in a freestyle rap. If they do this right, they gain a bell. If they don’t, or forget what to say next, they get a pie to the face. Will your faves get the highly coveted bell or a pie to the face? Find out in new episodes of Wild N Out!
  4. Talking spit is now wetter and funnier! We all know how the joke seems to be 10x funnier when water is involved! With hilarious comedians lined up for this season, the hot seat is about to hotter and wetter!
  5. Stars in their elements:  Celebrity guests are one of the best highlights of the Wild N Out gameshow. You get to see a goofier side of some of your favorite celebrities – the likes of Doja Cat, Nene Leakes, Akon, Soulja Boy, Wiz Khalifa, Diggy Simmons, Swizz Beats, Kash Doll, ASAP Ferg, and many more, as they battle it out for Nick’s highly coveted championship belt!
  6. Live performances: Wild N Out is never complete without performances worthy of selling out concerts from the celebrity guests. You don’t want to miss live performances from the celebrity guests of this season!
  7. Family reunion: The show gives you the opportunity to get familiar with the squad’s fictional family members; and sometimes things get a little out of hand – like one of the squad members pulling off his bald, male cousin’s wig. What hilarious moments await in ‘family reunion’ this season?
  8. Refer E-man: There is something fun about every member of the Wild ‘N Out team, and Emmanuel Hudson (aka Refer E-man) of course. With his waddling moves, fake funny accent, and ‘smart’ remarks, he will have you in stitches while he plays the referee for ‘Got Damned’.
  9. 13 times the drama: If you are up for some good ol’ drama, the cast of Wild ‘N Out’s season 13 has a lot of it. From the facial expressions to the funny gaits, there is definitely a lot to watch!
  10. What movie is that from? Remember Royce Bell’s attempt at describing King Kong? Well this season has more hilarious attempts at movie description that will have you in fits of laughter!
  11. Wild Sauce is hotter than ever: The pressure to come up with smart comebacks has gotten real. Each team representative has to come up with enough comebacks to keep their team from drinking shots of hot sauce.
  12. Cheesy Pickup lines: Let me holla has certainly gotten funnier than ever. Watch celebrity guests deliver great and not-so-good pickup lines to woo the ladies.
  13. Turn up for what???: Who doesn’t enjoy a good turn-up moment? But will there be a reason to turn up or will the crickets have to do the turning up? Find out in season 13 of Wild N Out!

Follow @MTVBaseWest for more information. Be sure to catch all new episodes of Wild ‘N Out on Sundays at 9 pm WAT and on Thursday at 10 pm WAT, exclusively on MTV Base DSTV Ch. 322 and GOtv Ch. 72. 

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