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See Who was Voted as the “Gossip in the House” in Episode 9 of #BBNaija ‘Lockdown’ Reunion Show

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On the 9th episode of  Big Brother Naija season 5 Reunion Show, we couldn’t but notice host Ebuka Obi-Uchedu‘s cool jacket,

So, the Housemates voted on the person they think was a gossip in the house and guest who ended up with 5 votes, Brighto!

Moving on, Praise asked Brighto to apologize to his ex-fiancée for saying what he said about her age in the house. Praise said people found her page after the statement and were harassing her until she made her page private.

Well, Brighto said he owes no one any apology. He added that Praise didn’t tell him to apologize to her and he was just hearing it for the first time. Praise said he wanted to say it at the reunion because Brighto made the statement on live TV and he should apologize on live Tv. Laycon agreed to that.

Lilo and Vee addressed the situation about Vee nominating Lilo for eviction in the second week despite them being friends. Vee said she nominated Lilo because she didn’t think Lilo wanted to be in the house based on what she observed. Lilo and Ebuka questioned Vee’s assumption and why she didn’t speak to Lilo about it as a friend, and she (Vee) said she didn’t think to.

Vee added that she was cool with Praise and Eric and she had to nominate Ka3na (a no-brainer for her) and Lilo. She admitted she felt bad about it and apologized to Lilo after the show.

After the Housemates watched a clip of Dorathy, Lucy and Ka3na discussing Tochi‘s refusal to be involved in the House, there was a back and forth between Tochi and Ka3na about food and one between him and Dorathy about greeting.

Ka3na said they never had issues about food and Tochi never talked to her about having problems with food with her. Tochi recollected that at one point, when he asked for food, Ka3na made him feel like he was coming from “where he had no food.”

Ka3na said Tochi was always “following people around”. When Ebuka said there’s nothing wrong with being part of a clique and asked why Lucy and Ka3na had a problem with it, Lucy explained he wasn’t part of the Neo-Vee-OzoNengi clique and was just following them around.

Tochi asked “so you came into the house and sat down? You didn’t move around? Am I a statue?” Tochi said he had a problem with Dorathy saying he didn’t greet.

He said he didn’t have a problem with her in the house and though they weren’t really close, they were cool. He recalled an instance (after Ka3na left) when Dorathy looked like she was hurt and he approached her to ask if she was okay and she raised her voice at him telling him not to touch her. “Na me open door tell Ka3na to go?” he asked, adding that she didn’t do that to Prince when he went to comfort her. He said that was the day he started having issues with Dorathy.

Fast forward, another clip was played, which showed Tochi and Brighto talking about Nengi and Prince, saying Prince wasn’t financially buoyant to “handle” someone like Nengi.

At first, Tochi tried to dribble us saying he didn’t mean it that way. But Brighto insisted that is what he feels because “for you to date someone like Nengi, you need to be financially capable to sponsor trips for her (who he feels goes on foreign trips regularly)”. “Me myself, I can’t do that,” he added.

When asked what he had to say about it, Prince said he doesn’t concern himself with how people see his financial capacity. “The poorer you think I am, the better for me, because if for any reason you need anything, you wouldn’t come to me because you’ll think I’m as financially incapable as you are,” he said.

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