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Is AMAZE the ‘Cameo for Africa’? New Platform connects favourite Celebs to Fans in a Unique Way

Unlocks new monetization opportunities for African talents and their fans.



Amaze, the new social networking application that connects talents and their fanbase is looking to take Africa by storm. The tech Start-up which has secured the backing of A-list investors such as The Temple Company, I&I VC, famous record producer – Don Jazzy, Bisola Aiyeola and others unlocks new monetization opportunities for talents across Africa.

Amaze sets new expectations for the African entertainment industry, as it pulls together a vast and highly diversified pool of talents across music, sports, art, TV and radio, politics, business and religion. With the debut of Amaze, Africa is potentially looking at the largest talent base on a singular platform ever till date.


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With Amaze, fans can request personalized videos and shout-outs for themselves and their loved ones regardless of the occasion. Amaze cuts through the queue and puts fans first-in-line before their favourite celebrities. No more long wait times in Celebrity DMs and no more hustling in the comment section of their media posts.

According to Ebun Feyisetan (Product Manager, Amaze),

The vision is to create a platform where talents can connect personally with each of their fans and give fans unprecedented access to the talents they admire most. We believe that we can help eliminate the parasocial relationships that currently exist between both parties and create truly magical moments

We also discovered another interesting use case for Amaze – where celebrity endorsements have been restricted to businesses with the deepest pockets. With Amaze, we are looking to break that barrier and introduce a new pattern where MSMEs can get ease of access to brand endorsements from high-ranking celebrities.

Concerning the earning potential of the platform, Amaze projects gross revenue of over one hundred billion Naira within the first 18 months of launch.

With America’s “Cameo” as a solid proof-of-concept and Amaze’ access to a vast network of African talents across key verticals – Amaze is positioned to scale African talents and make impossible moments possible for their loyal fanbase across the world.

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