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Your Thursday Night is Now Fully Booked! Here’s Why Medusa Lagos is the Place to Be



Music is soul food! What better way to experience the best kind of music than in a serene and cozy environment, accompanied by great people and enjoying perfectly curated meals.

This and more is what Thursdays at Medusa Lagos is all about.

Soothing live music from some of Lagos’ finest bands, variety of meals carefully put together a select group of culinary artists and chefs, cocktails and mocktails with unbeatable flavors blended by top notch mixologists. Thursdays at Medusa can definitely be described as a feast fit for Kings and Queens!

Medusa Lagos is known to have the finest selection of original whiskeys, rum, vodkas, and tequilas. So whether plain or on the rocks, there’s definitely something on the shelf for everyone!

And as much as we are independently unique, one to another, there’s this one thing we feel we share in common with anyone who loves to live life to the fullest, and that’s a shot at enjoying great music. Now you know what we’ll be doing come Thursday.

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