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#BBNaija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemates Enjoyed their Owambe Themed Saturday Night Party



Saturdays are party days in Big Brother’s house and the Shine Ya Eye Housemates bring the heat every time. Housemates partied in true Nigerian style at their Owambe themed party.

Biggie’s booming voice announced the opening of the storage and like any other Saturday, the Housemates dashed in excitement to see their packages for their Orijins Party. In case you’re wondering about the excessive flow of compliments in the House, well, we got you.?

The Housemates were serving looks in their outfits that stayed true to the roots of Nigerian cultures and their diversity. The ladies exuded the elegance and extravagance that announced the mood for the night, from the shiny to the bold, every piece was a statement.?

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The #BBNaija gents did not waste away at the opportunity to pageant their drip too as they walked around the House flaunting their new fit while fishing for compliments. Well, we understand the guys – when you’re looking that fine, everyone deserves to see that outfit otherwise it’s wasted.?

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The party 

Housemates turned up all night in the Party Room and this party was no ordinary night. With DJ Shawn and DJ Dayzee spinning the decks, it was double the set and double the vibe for the night.

The dance floor took a life of its own with the House once again showcasing their dancing skills – coupled with the bumping and grinding this Party Room was packed with so much heat and we loved every moment of it.

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See highlights from the party below:

The after-party wahala

The after-party drama started with Tega and Angel who seemed to be role-playing at first until Angel started spilling all the tea on Tega’s time with Boma in the Executive Lounge.

Tucked somewhere in Angel’s jokes and teases about the amount of alone time Tega spent with Boma, she made sure to take jabs at Tega for acting very single while she’s already betrothed outside the House.

In response, Tega said she has always made sure to let the Housemates know that her marriage in no way affects the way that she behaves around the House – she adds, “If I was single I would still be as expressive and outgoing or more than I am right now.”

Shade or not this little show they bantered about had us clutching our pearls because the details got so juicy it could pass as a storyline for an iconic Nollywood movie.

Well, all things considered, they are both here for a good time and we hope Tega can match Boma’s cruise, otherwise, if any of them catch feelings it may end in tears.

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