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Liquorose’s Reign, Maria’s Eviction & all the tea from Week 5 in the #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye House

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From the Head Of House challenge, games and tasks to the nominations, parties, ships, fights and Live Eviction, see what the big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye geng got up to in week five.

Day 30: Liquorose is the new Head of House!

After Monday’s Head of House Game, Liqourose has been awarded the Emblem of Power and is therefore immune from Nomination this week. And – it should go without saying – from Eviction on Sunday.

Day 30: Liquorose is the new Head of House! – BBNaija

The Housemates had had an interesting week – the reigning Head of House, Maria, successfully convinced all of them that she had the sole power to Evict the Housemates of her choice, and Big Brother played his part in the ruse, perfectly.

By the time the night’s show rolled around, a handful of the Housemates were absolutely convinced that their time in the show was up. The fact that the week ended without anybody being Evicted would have gone some way to put some atmosphere back into House, but you can bet your bottom Abeg Naira that each of the Housemates really wanted to win the Head of House Game and avoid being on the receiving end of any more shenanigans.

Also, Big Brother announced that Maria’s “equanimity” in handling the deception of the previous week was worthy of praise and that she would receive some Abeg Naira later in the week. With that top of mind, the Housemates really had a lot to play for.

Last week, Biggie removed the requirement to throw a six before being allowed to proceed with the game, but decided to reinstate it, this week, because it “had little to no effect on the general performance in the game.”

After Queen, Michael and Cross had a disappointing game (with the last two being sent back to the start), Liquorose did well, despite running to the wrong puzzle at some point. She was followed by Jaypaul, who had to down a bottle of water as part of his challenge – although a fair amount of it went down his shirt front rather than his mouth.

Emmanuel went next and threw a six on his first roll. Unfortunately, this was followed by a one… and then another one. And then another. Eventually, he managed to get moving to the point where he, too, had to down a bottle of water, during which his time ran out. Tega was next, with a respectable score.

Nini had very little luck with rolling a six to be able to start her game – in fact, she had no luck at all. Her time ran out before she even got to start her attempt. Saskay followed her and was actually able to go onto the course, but it wasn’t a stellar performance. Saga started off well but was ejected from the game after landing on an unlucky square. Saga and Nini are not safe, this week.

Yousef managed to do pretty well until Big Brother informed him that his solution to the word search section of the game was not within the rules of the game. Sammie was also out of the blocks quickly, but he really couldn’t down a bottle of water nearly fast enough to stay in the fight.

As a whole, the game was characterised by some fairly low totals, meaning this game could go to the one who was only slightly luckier than the rest. In the end, that person was Liqourose, who was now immune from the week’s Nomination.

The one thing that must have been playing on Liquorose’s mind was the fact that she couldn’t get to enjoy all of the benefits of being Head of House – the luxurious quarters that come with the position were still out of bounds for her, due to an earlier violation of House rules.

The intriguing question game

The Housemates have amazed us with a lot of games and a new one known as the question game turned out to be another amazing gem.

Day 30: The intriguing question game – BBNaija

The question game we didn’t see coming happened in the Shine Ya Eye House in the early hours of the day and it was salacious as it was scintillating. The game, which was started by Cross originally had Saga, Nini, Pere, Michael, Jackie B, Jaypaul, and Angel as players.

Rules of the game

The question game had a set of rules and they are as follows;

  • A Housemate asks the person closest to them a question and that person does not answer but asks another Housemate another question.
  • Housemates questioned each other in a clockwise movement around the dining table.
  • Anyone who failed to keep the ball rolling by asking a question would take a drink.

The real MVPs

One of the persons who stood out in the game was Angel who seemed to have an arsenal of questions ready for anyone she was sitting beside. Pere was unfortunately at her mercy for quite a while as she seemed to dish out wild questions that caught him off-guard so many times.

While Angel fired the people beside her, Yousef did the good job of peppering those beside him as well. Emmanuel and Saga were Yousef’s unfortunate victims and they ended up drinking a lot because of his wicked questions.

A little conspiracy

Nini at some point was beside Angel and kept asking her about Boma and any bedtime activity that could have happened between the two of them. Viewers were quick to point out that Nini knew something happened between Angel and Boma and was using the game to shade Angel, also bringing her activity with Boma to everyone’s attention.

A game for all

The Game that started with as little as seven people grew in numbers when Yousef, Saskay and Peace decided to join. Soon on later Liquorose, Boma, Sammie and Tega came along.

All in all, it was an entertaining game that had viewers in stitches.

Breaking News: JMK, Maria and Pere get the first Strikes of the season

Biggie gave JMK, Maria and Pere the first Strikes of Shine Ya Eye season for microphone infringements.

1629746644 28 screenshot 2021 08 23 at 21.16.04

We witnessed the first Strikes of the Shine Ya Eye season being handed out to JMK, Maria and Pere. The Strikes were for repeated microphone infractions. If either one of them receives two more strikes, that person would be disqualified and have to leave the house.

The former wildcards have made a name for themselves in the House  – Maria and Pere have been a Head of House before, and their partnership had been on display to everyone watching.

However, Big Brother is above all this, and nobody is allowed to break the rules, no matter how well they play the game the rest of the time. In JMK’s case, she was guilty of once entering the jacuzzi with her microphone still around her waist.

After being told to watch a clip of their assorted microphone infringements – including a clip of Maria and Pere being oh-so-obvious about disconnecting their microphones – Big Brother told them that they “have used several excuses to justify your inexcusable behaviour.”  He went on to tell them that, “it seems as if some of you have chosen to intentionally flout the rules.

“Pere, JMK, Maria kindly stand up! This is the first strike for all three of you. Two more strikes and you will be disqualified from the Big Brother Shine Ya Eye house.”

1629747255 28 screenshot 2021 08 23 at 21.16.38

Additionally, there were also warnings given to some of the Housemates on the subject of conflict resolution – Tega, Jackie B, Queen, Maria and Whitemoney were all told “to exercise caution” in how they handle conflict.

“Big Brother encourages a safe space where all Housemates may live and thrive. Arguments and disagreements are likely, but resolving your differences in a manner that builds understanding and respect is necessary.”

Biggie left the whole House with a warning – since they were all guilty of some infractions, the house would be punished as a whole.  The details would be waiting for them after their workout session by morning.

There you have it – Big Brother has laid down the law.  Will it have the desired effect? Only one way to find out – watch this space.

1629747521 28 screenshot 2021 08 23 at 21.16.15

A Packed Nomination Night

Nominations for evictions took place after an evening of intense drama and spiciness.

It had been quite an intense evening in the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ House. We witnessed The HoH Games, severe warnings from Biggie, and 3 strikes in a fell swoop. To cap it all up the nominations for evictions took place right after the strikes were issued.

Day 30: A Packed Nomination Night – BBNaija

What a night, right?

Last week the Housemates were lucky to escape evictions but Biggie decided to go back to the status quo this evening. He opened the floor for nominations when he called Queen into the room to nominate two people for possible evictions. After Queen, the remaining 19 Housemates were called into the Diary room. Here’s how their nomination went.

Queen: Pere and Peace

Michael: Angel and JMK

Cross: Pere and Sammie

Liquorose: Cross and Peace

Jaypaul: Pere and Maria

Emmanuel: Peace and Pere

Tega: Saga and Peace

Nini: Sammie and JMK

Saskay:  Boma and Pere

Boma: JMK and Pere

Saga:  Sammie and Queen

Whitemoney: Pere and Peace

Angel:  Queen and Michael

Yousef:  Jaypaul and Queen

Peace: Queen and Emmanuel

Sammie: Pere and Maria

Jackie B: Pere and Angel

Pere: Michael and Jaypaul

JMK: Pere and Maria

Maria: Queen and Whitemoney

At the end of the nomination sessions, JMK, Queen, Maria, Pere, Sammie and Peace were announced as the Housemates with the most nominations for possible eviction. The new Head of House Liquorose was then called upon to use her Veto Power to save and replace a nominated Housemate with another Housemate. Liquorose decided to save Peace and replace her with Cross.

Following Liquorose’s ‘save and replace’, the Housemates up for possible eviction were; JMK, Maria, Queen, Sammie, Cross and Pere.

Day 31: Biggie doles out the punishment – BBNaija

In the early hours of the morning, Biggie kept his word and gave the Housemates their punishment.

The Housemates were provided popsicle sticks, paintbrushes and paint. All that was expected of the Housemates was to paint the popsicle sticks using the provided paintbrushes only. Each popsicle stick would be treated as a masterpiece and Housemates were not allowed to paint more than one at a time.

1629800003 27 screenshot 2021 08 24 at 10.08.34

They were not allowed to paint with their fingers or any other tools and definitely no dipping the sticks in the paint buckets. Each popsicle stick must have at least two different colours. All painted sticks will be kept in the garden to dry. Once dry, they will be packed and arranged properly.

No sleeping is allowed until all sticks are painted.

The Housemates were in for a very long day with this punishment and to get through it they have resolved to sing through their work to keep their spirits up. Hopefully, the House will not be playing the whispering game anytime soon given the circumstances of their punishment.

Day 31: Nominees’ first impressions – BBNaija

Word from the Dairy Room is that the game has become real.


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