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Omoni Oboli gets candid about Being Labelled ‘Desperate’ on “The Book I’m Reading” with RMD

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Omoni Oboli joined Richard Mofe-Damijo on “The Book I’m Reading” to discuss “The Richest Man In Babylon” and shares the financial principles she lives by, as she builds generational wealth for her family.

Omoni and RMD also discuss what her experience was like returning to Nollywood after a decade, and the impact of being labelled as ‘desperate’ and over-ambitious in the movie industry and how it hurt her deeply until she realized that desperation was necessary in order to achieve success.

There was a time someone started a narrative about me… desperate was the word. They said I was too desperate and I felt awful. I was so hurt, I was so beat down and I started to not want to come accross as desperate.

At the end of the day, if you’re not desperate for your goals you’re never going to achieve them. Actually, you should crave desperation because that’s what pushes you. I started to calm down and cool down because I didn’t want to come accross as desperate. We all want people to like us. We all want to be loved.

Before now, I used to walk into rooms and think, to myself, “do they like me? Now, I walk into rooms and think to myself, “do I even like them?” It is what it is.

Watch the conversation below:

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