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Week 6 in the #BBNaija6 House – From the Heads of House Reign to Boma, Tega, Micheal & Peace’s Eviction



Week 6 in the Big Brother Naija House was loaded with twists, and turns.  from the Head of House game and tasks to ships, arguments, parties and eviction, take a look at the rundown.

Day 37: Double Heads of House win

Jackie B and Jaypaul won the Double Heads of House title in week 6 and it was one interesting week with 15 Housemates up for possible Eviction.

The Head of House Game and Nomination process was rolled into one event. At the end of the Games, the top male and the top female Housemate were crowned and called the Double Heads of House. The two Housemates were expected to share the luxurious Head of House Room including the power to rule this roost.

1630355311 27 screenshot 2021 08 30 at 20.04.22

The Game 

The obstacle was broken down into five challenges: Housemates were required to roll the dice to determine the number of drinks they must take first. The Secret Dessert, where Housemates were expected to chug a cup with milky substance and an egg in it.

The Keys to Success – Housemates had to get into a smelly pool to search for at least two keys before moving to the slippery slide. This slide required Housemates to be on all fours to make it through. The final part of the challenge required the House to use only a straw, to take 2 draws of the liquid concoction and pour it into one of the beakers.

1630355246 27 screenshot 2021 08 30 at 19.33.11

Plot twist 

At the end of the Head of House game, 15 Housemates were automatically up for possible Eviction on Sunday. Pere, unfortunately, was barred from participating in the HoH Games as punishment for his microphone infringement strike. It is double wahala in this House.

The Housemates were all determined to win Immunity and the Head of House title. Housemates laboured through this obstacle course with most Housemates not making it through the smelly pool where they had to find the keys to success.

In a closely contested Challenge, Boma and Tega were the first Housemates to get through all the Challenges putting them in the lead. However, Jackie B and Jaypaul breezed through the Challenge with the fastest times. Jackie B was determined to set the record for all Housemates and held the leading time.

1630355276 27 screenshot 2021 08 30 at 19.54.24

Double win, double the perks 

Jackie B and Jaypaul’s win came with Immunity from the possible Eviction during the Sunday Live Show. The two Heads of House were awarded 200 BB Tokens each and a Showmax movie that required them to Nominate one Housemate to join them each.  Jackie B chose Michael and Jaypaul chose Saskay.

Day 38: Boma and Tega on the radar – BBNaija

Day 38: Boma and Tega on the radar

Both Housemates became pretty close and landed on the ship radar.

Interestingly, Boma, the self-proclaimed honcho of Okra Geng (ladies can’t stick to him cause he is slippery), had been spending a lot of time with Tega. Both enjoyed each other’s company, and when it was lights out, they also shared the same bed. Last night, both shared a passionate kiss during a game of Truth or Dare. Several rumours have swirled around their closeness and Boma opened up about how he feels about Tega.

If only she was single

During his conversation with Jaypaul, he confessed that he liked Tega and pondered what could have been if she had been single. However, he says that because she is married, he feels safe around her, as he knows nothing will happen. He also extolled some of her virtues, noting how likeminded they were.

Watch the video here

On the radar

Boma and Tega both seemed to suspect they were on the radar as couples. The Head of House games roll call had their spidey senses tingling. According to Boma, it almost seemed like Biggie was calling the Housemates as couples. Once one Housemate played the game, it was predictable that the next person to get called up would be someone with whom they had a romantic connection.

They assumed that people were beginning to think they were a couple because they were both called after each other. Boma insisted he has always been that way with different women in the House, and Tega hoped the fans would realize it was just a strategy.

1630402268 56 screenshot 2021 08 31 at 11.14.21

It doesn’t matter how they decide to project what they both share, they should always keep in mind that the BB Naija fam will always shine their eyes on them and nothing can get past them.

Day 39: The geng get CloseUp

The Housemates got busy with a new Task from Close Up.

The Housemates had another Task to complete – and this time it was courtesy of CloseUp. In accordance with tradition, the Head of House had to read out the Brief to the Housemates. In light of the fact that we had two HoH this week, Jaypaul did the honours.

1630515289 56 screenshot 2021 09 01 at 18.39.56

The first part of the Task

The Housemates had to divide themselves into eight teams immediately. To do this, the House was provided with two boxes. All the female Housemates had to take turns in picking one name card from the box labelled “Team Names”, while the male Housemates picked from the box labelled “Female.” The box labelled “Female” contained the names of all female Housemates. This means each male Housemate ended up pairing with the female Housemate they each picked from the box.

1630514903 56 screenshot 2021 09 01 at 18.44.15

Once they had all picked their cards, the male Housemates were told not to reveal the name on their card to other Housemates until when they were asked to. Thereby making sure the name written on each male Housemate’s card may only be known by the male Housemate holding the card.

For the female Housemates, once they had picked their team names, they collected a card with their corresponding team name from the Heads of House. Each card came with a do-rag which they wore immediately and then proceeded to hold up their cards for all the male Housemates to take note of.

1630516724 56 untitled design

After they had finished picking their partners and identifying their team names, there was a second brief to tell them what was next. This time, Head of House Jackie B read it.

1630517137 56 screenshot 2021 09 01 at 19.17.49

Wooing the ladies

For this Brief, all the female Housemates were asked to settle in the main lounge immediately. Then, the male Housemates were given two minutes to write a cool pick-up line on the CloseUp card provided. The pick-up line must include the team name and end with the name of their partner.

Once two minutes elapsed, the gents then proceeded to the Lounge to reveal their partner by reading out their written pick-up line to her one after another. One by one, the male Housemates filed out to read some of the most romantic pick up lines that had the ladies in a frenzy.

The Closeup shot

For this Task, the Housemates had to work in their respective teams to come up with a photo story that best interprets the Closeup Triple Fresh TV advert. They also had to show how Closeup boosts their confidence and allows them to get comfortable around people. The teams were given 45 minutes to rub minds and decide on a theme for their photo story, and the poses they will strike during their team’s photoshoot in the arena.

Turn by turn each team stepped into the photo booth looking radiant and confident as they created their different themes to interpret the Closeup Brief. From trendy looks to a bit of the old school and even a goth look, the Housemates came out looking like a million bucks. After they were done taking their pictures, the next task was for each team to discuss the idea behind their themes for the photo stories. They each presented quite convincing stories about their photos and it was a thrill to watch.

The Winners

Firstly, Michael and Saga each won a 100, 000 Naira reward for the Best pick up line. The best-dressed team was Team Deep Clean where Whitemoney and Queen also won a 100 000 Naira reward each. Team Red Hot, Angel and Pere, received 200 000 Naira each for the best pictures. The best story concept went to Liquorose, Jaypaul and Saga’s team and they each received a 200 000 Naira reward. Finally, no one is a loser in the Big Brother Naija House. All Housemates received one year’s supply of Close Up products!

Day 39: Strangers became friends – BBNaija

Strangers became friends – BBNaija

The gbas gbos took the sideline when the Head of House announced a Kindness Day.

The #BBNaija Housemates teamed up in pairs for a personal Diary Session where they got up close and personal with one another. They also had to perform an act of kindness for their partners before the day ended. This could be anything ranging from offering a meal, a massage or simply a word of encouragement.

This day of kindness allowed Housemates to get to talk and bond with the Housemates they have never had the opportunity to connect with.

Jackie B sets the ball rolling:

We saw Nini spending the afternoon with Queen. This was interesting to watch especially after she complained about Angel’s “strategy” of suddenly getting close to Queen after she escaped Sunday’s Eviction. During their conversation, Queen shared stories about her past and how some events have shaped her personality.

She retold a story about her pageant days and experiencing unfair treatment and assault during her university days. Nini also talked about her family and how her ethnicity gives her challenges at times when she is judged by the colour of her skin. They came out of this conversation declaring that they would remain friends even after leaving the #BBNaija House. Who saw that friendship coming? We didn’t! ?

1630524712 56 untitled design 1

Yousef’s partner for the day of kindness was Jaypaul. He talked about his teaching career and how tough life has been for him. He explained to Jaypaul how he walked to and from his place of teaching as it was close enough but more sustainable on his pocket. He would even go back to his house for lunch because he couldn’t afford to eat in the school.

His face lit up though when he was talking about the two people who have his back in life. “My immediate brother is someone that is always giving me the spirit. He makes him want to go for it,” he added. At the end of the day, Yousef offered Jaypaul his chicken as an act of kindness. Way to build a new friendship! ?

1630524771 56 screenshot 2021 09 01 at 17.25.33

Saskay and Angel got to spend time together and their Dairy Session was heart-rending. Angel gave her a timeline of events that changed her life from when she was 14 years old. She talked about experiencing physical abuse, being raised by a great-grandmother who suffered from a mental illness and dropping out of university.

The young Housemate also recalled experiencing sexual assault, an event she described as an act of “removing a blindfold” and being exposed to the world’s imperfections. She also shared a story about losing her boyfriend at 19 to illness. She added that these events triggered her anxieties and they were the reason why she was very hot and cold to Sammie – she doesn’t want to get attached to anyone.?

1630524673 56 untitled design 2

Turns out, a day like this was much needed in Biggie’s House. So, now we wait to see if these new connections will lead to authentic friendships as the season proceeds.

1630525626 56 untitled design 3

Day 40: CrossKay or SasJay?

The pursuit of love, affection and company has landed this trio in a triangle that hasn’t been easy navigating.

Day 40: CrossKay or SasJay? – BBNaija

Saskay has been on the receiving end of affection from multiple men ever since she stepped into the BBNaija House. From Yousef to Jaypaul and Cross, all immediately signified interest in jumping on a ship with her and sailing the vast ocean of love.

In the case of Yousef, she had no interest in having anything with him, but she had a soft spot (or maybe two) for the other two guys. Unfortunately, she has mentioned she has no desire to build a ship or romantic connection with anyone while she’s in the House (even though last night’s kiss with Jaypaul has quickly scattered those plans). She does seem to have a hold of these men and they can’t seem to stop dreaming about the ship that could be, while holding on to the triangle that binds them together.

The triangle

Things got complicated quite early in the Show when both Cross and Jaypaul started developing mutual feelings for Saskay. It may not have been love at the first sight, but we can’t rule out the second or third. C

ross immediately became vocal about his feelings for Saskay, especially in the Diary Room, where he repeatedly expressed his feelings to Biggie. He described how he found her interesting and rated her highly. Likewise, Jaypaul started confiding in close Housemates about how much he likes Saskay.

It gets more complicated

While Saskay finds Cross’ company interesting and enjoyable, she has reservations about his behaviour. She finds him too expressive with his sexuality around the House. Cross on his part felt she wasn’t giving him a fair chance. A claim she was quick to deny.

In fact, Saskay was of the opinion that Cross wasn’t putting in enough work for someone who wants her the way he claims to.

Jaypaul on the other hand seems to understand Saskay’s stance of not wanting to be in a relationship, but also enjoys the company of having someone special. He goes all out to show how much he cares for Saskay and in so doing, keeps positioning himself as the best man should she decide to change her mind.

When asked by Ebuka about the situation with Jaypaul and Cross, Saskay said there was nothing to it. She had made them understand that even though she liked them, she wasn’t interested in a relationship with any of them. She simply just enjoyed the attention she got from both of them. She did express concern though that it might appear like she is manipulating them, and reiterated that she already told both parties every step of the way that there was nothing going on.

Indecisive Saskay

Saskay does love both their companies but deciding whose company she cherishes the most is a tall feat for her. Most days, she spends her time shuffling between Cross and Jaypaul. One minute, she is locked in a deep conversation with Cross, the next minute she is in bed cuddling with (and as of last night, kissing) Jaypaul.

The cuddle sessions paint a picture that she is tilting towards Jaypaul, but quite recently Cross called in the big guns as he and Pere serenaded Saskay with a heartfelt song. The outcome was a long passionate embrace.

1630589164 56 screenshot 2021 08 31 at 12.02.29

Figuring out who Saskay is closer to has also become a hot topic both outside and inside the House. While BBNaija fans are busy picking sides and figuring out who they think is the best fit for Saskay, Cross is also dealing with side comments in the House about who she is really closer to. “Only you and I actually know how close we are to each other,” Saskay said allaying his fears.

Watch her teach Cross how to deal with side comments

Saskay still can’t decide who she wants, but while she ponders on that, she is living her best baby girl life and is enjoying being the centre of attention for two charming young men, who are evidently close to her heart.

The men have made peace with it

Both Cross and Jaypaul have carried on their respective pursuits of Saskay with the utmost respect for each other. At some point, Jaypaul told Saskay he’d step back if she wanted to be with Cross. He admitted that he liked Cross and he was a great guy. Cross on his part has a profound respect for Jaypaul too, as well as what he shares with Saskay.

As it stands, they both seem to know their place in her life and often take turns spending time with her. There hasn’t been any clash between both men and for the time being, both understand that she just wants to be friends and they seem to be getting along like one big happy family – and living their best lives while at it.

1630589203 56 screenshot 2021 08 22 at 20.33.13

Angel and Boma fight… again

Angel and Boma seemed to have relapsed on their growing friendship and we are here to tell you why.

Boma and Angel have had an on and off relationship right from the early weeks of the show and it may not coming to an end anytime soon.

Day 40: Angel and Boma fight...again – BBNaija

A little back story

The two first had an issue right in the second week of the show while preparing for a Task Presentation.

The two later made up and even took things a bit further when they shared the same bed on some nights and also shared a kiss when they both gained access to the Executive Lounge.

The kiss they shared turned out to be the reason for a severe confrontation between them this evening.

Boma and Angel exchange words

The fight

The two were at loggerheads when Angel went to “disturb” Cross in the Games Room while they had a break from the Boomplay Task. In the room with Cross were Yousef and Boma playing a game of pool.

When Angel got there she proceeded to have light banter with them. While having their conversation, Boma accused Angel of being someone who could not be trusted with secrets. This was after he revealed they kissed in the Executive Lounge, which Angel denied.

Boma, however, called her a “kiss and tell” because he said she had revealed to everyone that she shared an intimate moment with him. This didn’t go down well with Angel who denied the allegation. Boma continued to insist and Angel continued to deny, to the extent of hurling expletives.

Boma responded with not just curse words, but a few insults hurled at her. In all this Cross, who seemed surprised at how fast things were escalating, asked Boma why he was using such words with Angel. Boma, however, continued to hurl insults at Angel.

The tipping point

Angel went into a full-scream mode when Boma said she is a child who was not on his level. This was the tipping point for Angel, who wasn’t going to let it slide.

Angel made it clear she was doing better even if she was a child, since he was in the House with her – and if he was such “a bigger person who is not on her level”, he would not be there with her.

When it seemed like the two were going to throw hands at each other, Yousef quickly held on to Boma while Pere held on to Angel. In all this Angel made sure to tell Boma to never repeat what he said.

Will these two ever try to rebuild a mutual accord or not? We can’t wait to see what happens between them.

Day 41: Expressing with Boomplay – BBNaija

The geng get to express themselves through music for the Boomplay Task.

Day 41: Expressing with Boomplay – BBNaija

The Shine Ya Eye geng participated in a series of music-themed games for their Boomplay Task. For Housemates who recently found happiness in expressing themselves with their newly acquired musical gadgets, this Task couldn’t have come at a better time. They not only had fun participating but got to have their very own album listening party.

Press play

Each stage of this music-themed Task was divided into three different stages, and they had to participate in each. To start the first Task, they had to head to the Arena where they were divided into teams and each team was given 10 minutes to create and save a playlist on the Boomplay application. Additionally, they had to tell a story with their playlists using the titles of the songs available on Boomplay.

The teams

Batch 1 – Queen, Jaypaul, Angel, and Michael

Batch 2 -Whitemoney, Saskay, Boma, and Saga

Batch 3 – Peace, Emmanuel, and Liquorose

Batch 4 – Jackie B, Pere, and Tega

Batch 5 – Yousef, Cross, and Nini

1630621106 56 image from ios 18

Guessing game

“Guess the Song” was the second part of the Task and was designed to test each housemate’s musical knowledge. The Task was divided into two rounds. For this round, the House had to be divided into three teams.

Meet the teams

Team Afrobeats – Saskay, Cross, Yousef, Nini, Michael, Jackie B

Team Highlife – Liquorose, Queen, Boma, Tega, Jaypaul

Team Alte – Angel, Peace, Pere, Emmanuel, Saga

Each team had to select a representative that was solely responsible for providing the answers. Members of the Team, however, were free to deliberate and provide their representatives with answers. Team Afrobeats went first and got a chance for a do-over because of a minor glitch. Team Highlife went next and guessed the songs quite well before Team Alte had a go.

In the second round, each team once again nominated a representative who selected a theme and also represented them for the challenge. Based on the themes chosen by each representative, four songs were played, and they were required to complete the lyrics, starting from the point the song stopped.

The Tiwa Savage listening party

To spice up the Task, Boomplay gave the Shine Ya Eye geng the opportunity to have their very own Tiwa Savage album listening party. Gathered in the Arena and treated to delicious snacks the Housemates kicked back and enjoyed the very best of Tiwa’s latest EP. The Housemates swayed and bopped as the tracks played. You could tell they really missed life on the outside.

1630624676 56 screenshot 2021 09 02 at 21.53.47

The result

Jackie B has been having a lucky run in the House after initially complaining of being unlucky when it comes to Tasks. She emerged the winner of the playlist round and smiled to the bank with five hundred thousand Naira. For the second Task, Team Highlife emerged winners and they get one million, five hundred thousand to share among each other.

1630621637 56 bbn s6 landscape video overlays green 9

Day 41: A Shine Ya Eye dictionary – BBNaija

Six weeks in the Big Brother House, we’ve heard a few phrases coined that have turned out to be surprisingly durable. We thought it might be time for a definitive Big Brother Shine Ya Eye dictionary.

Our Big Brother Naija Housemates have been living in the House for six weeks now, and they’ve coined a few phrases along the way.  We thought we’d document these sayings because – well, they’re funny.  Also, we added a few of our own, because we couldn’t resist.

cross    /kɹɒs/  adj.

The feeling of irritation you get when you get the sense that Saskay is stringing you along.

“Cross was feeling cross that Saskay spent her time with Jaypaul.”

cruise /kɹuːz/ n.

  1. The kind of journey you want from a ship but so seldom get.
  2. Hassle-free, no-strings-attached “acts of affection”. The nasty. Bumping uglies. Under-the-covers trouble. Casual sex, basically.

“That Michael isn’t into marriage, he just wants to catch cruise.”

e-choke /ɛ t͡ʃəʊk/ adj.

plenty, lots, much

“Cross said that, ‘Jackie B had won so many Tasks, her Abeg Naira right now – e choke!’”

Saga-like /’sʌɡʌ laɪ̯k/ adj.

  1. Fighting for what you want, sticking to your guns, not taking “no” for an answer
  2. Following somebody around like a lost puppy

“Sammie shouldn’t give up on catching cruise with Angel just because she told him to get lost.  He should be more Saga-like.”

shine ya eye /ʃaɪn jə aɪ/

Be alert, stay woke, don’t get caught unawares

“If you want to win N90 million, you need to shine ya eye!”

ship /ʃɪp/ n.

  1. relationship, a partnership
  2. something about to catch cruise (see above)

“Liquorose and Emmanuel have been spending so much time together; I think they are a ship.”

military /ˈmɪl.ɪ.tɹi/ adj.

authoritarian, bossy, domineering, militant

“Nini is so domineering during Truth or Dare games – she’s almost as military as Pere,”

okra /’ɒkrɒ/ adj.

slick, smooth

“Boma thinks he’s so good with girls, he’s like okro.”

period  /ˈpɪɚ.i.əd/ adj.

done and dusted, finished, over

“Angel said, ‘I am never speaking to you again, period!’”

Who dey breet? /huː deɪ bɹiːt/

Who’s challenging, who’s showing off?

“Whitemoney is so into the Big Brother Game, he can’t stop wondering who dey breet?”

We know there will be more, in time, so we’ll have a second edition out in no time, we’re sure!

Abeg’s obstacle course – BBNaija

It took luck, grit and a bit of strength to get through this Task. Here’s the run-down of the Friday Abeg Task.

Day 41: Abeg’s obstacle course – BBNaija

This week’s Abeg Task was filled with four interesting obstacles that tested the Housemates on various levels.

Obstacle one

1630703776 27 screenshot 2021 09 03 at 21.18.04

Memory Test; the Housemates had to walk on a beam to view the image they had to recreate for a jigsaw puzzle. While this Task may have looked easy, there’s a lot more to it than what meets the eye – and for those with the memory akin to a goldfish, this obstacle was not easy.

Obstacle two

1630703850 27 screenshot 2021 09 03 at 21.40.02

Monkey Bar was a simple test of strength and fitness and those morning workout sessions came in handy for quite a few Housemates. The House was required to swing through five bars on the monkey bars obstacle without their feet touching the ground.

Obstacle three

1630704543 27 screenshot 2021 09 03 at 21.46.12

Keys to Success; Housemates were required to find a key that can unlock only one of the 39 padlocks from the bowl of keys. Housemates were allowed to use any technique that they felt would advance their game.

1630704501 27 screenshot 2021 09 03 at 21.26.54

Obstacle four

1630704638 27 screenshot 2021 09 03 at 21.23.29

The Art Masterpiece, Housemates were expected to pick one random card from the cards placed on the stool. The card each Housemate picked corresponded to a paint number and a region or part of the artwork where they had to paint.

To keep the Task interesting and competitive, Biggie asked Housemates to pick their order of undertaking this task by way of a lucky dip and further allowed Housemates to only go through at least three Obstacles with the Art Masterpiece being the only compulsory part of the Task. Housemates were required to complete all three Tasks in at least four minutes.

Boma was the first to take on this Task and his upper body strength carried his swing through monkey bars – and his lucky chance at the Keys of Success gave him a leading edge in this Challenge.

Angel, Liquorose and Tega struggled to get through this obstacle, but their resilient spirit kept pushing through the Task until the Buzzer sounded. Although they didn’t finish the Task, kudos to them for keeping on in the game. Amongst the ladies, Jackie B and Peace took to the Art Masterpiece but Peace stood out with an impressive finishing time, putting her in the lead.

Saga gave an impressive run with a fast swing at the monkey bars and a quick paint job at the Art Masterpiece. His time ran at an impressive 01:26 minutes. We guess his love for fitness and art gave him a competitive advantage amongst the guys. However, Emmanuel’s turn took this obstacle to the next level with brisk movement and swift painting technique. His time beat Saga’s run by 21 seconds putting him in the lead.

1630704728 27 screenshot 2021 09 03 at 22.16.49

Congratulations to Emmanuel and Peace for being the victors of the Task. They received a reward of 250 Abeg Naira and 100 BB Tokens each. This makes Emmanuel’s BB Tokens tie with Jaypaul’s stash, which currently sits at 800 BB Tokens. They are a few more Tokens closer to affording the highly coveted Immunity.

Day 42: Living it up with Pepsi

For this Task, the Housemates spent the day testing their knowledge and having a ball with Pepsi.

Day 42: Living it up with Pepsi – BBNaija

The Shine Ya Eye geng turned up the fun with their Pepsi Task. It consisted of a variety of fun activities in which the House played as a team as well as individually. Upon completion of the Task, the Housemates were rewarded based on their points accumulated.

Pepsi Musical Chairs challenge

As usual, the geng had to divide themselves into groups. Here’s how they grouped themselves.

Team 1 – Boma, Nini, Peace and Jaypaul

Team 2 – Saga, Pere, Emmanuel, and Yousef

Team 3 – Cross, Saskay, Angel and Liquorose

Team 4 – Micheal , Queen, Tega, Jackie B, and Whitemoney

After dividing into four teams, the Housemates gathered in the main lounge to participate in the Pepsi Musical Chairs challenge. The game involved one representative from each team dancing around three chairs. One of the chairs was branded with the Pepsi logo. Cross, Boma, Pere and Michael played this game on behalf of their respective teams.

Following a lively dance session, Michael was the lucky Housemate who got to sit on the Pepsi chair earning his team 15 points while Pere and Cross got the other chairs earning their respective teams 10 points. Boma, who was booted out, complained of being shoved and was only able to score five points for his team.

Musical knowledge

For this Task, Housemates tested their knowledge about some of the Pepsi music stars and their popular songs. Even though they played this game as a team, some team members came guns blazing. Michael, Liquorose, Nini and Peace performed brilliantly on behalf of their teams.

The final round of the first half of the Task was to test the knowledge of the Housemates about some of the Pepsi DJ ambassadors. To begin the Task, the teams were each given cards containing phrases that describe the DJ and asked to name the DJ.

Musical performance

Here the Task moved from the show of musical knowledge to the Housemates abilities to perform on stage. The different teams had to perform one song by any of the Pepsi music ambassadors in the Arena. They were given only 60 minutes for rehearsals and the geng didn’t joke with it.

It almost seemed like they were preparing for a sold-out show they were billed to perform at. It wasn’t long after that they made their way to the Arena to deliver a superb performance. All four teams brought down the House with their unique stage performance.

Watch their performances here

Team one consisting of Boma, Peace, Jaypaul and Nini performed Tiwa Savage’s “Kele Kele Love“, Team two, Saga, Pere, Yousef and Emmanuel performed Burna Boy‘s “On The Low“, Team three, Cross, Saskay, Angel, and Liquorose performed Wizkid’s Ginger and Team four, Whitemoney, Angel, Michael, Jackie B and Tega performed Davido‘s “Gobe“.

To top it all off, the geng had a blast with Rema and Arya Starr, the newest Pepsi ambassadors as they performed their latest singles.

The result

Team three emerged group winners and each member gets 500,000, a VVIP all-expenses-paid trip to One Africa Fest Dubai and one year supply of Pepsi. Liquorose emerged as the second runner up in the individual category with 25 points. She won One million Naira and a VVIP all-expenses-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai.

Peace emerged as the first runner up in the individual category with 30 points. She won One million, Five hundred thousand Naira and a VVIP all-expenses-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai. Michael finished first with 35 points and won two million, five hundred thousand Naira, a VVIP to One Africa Music Fest Dubai and one year supply of Pepsi.

1630786145 56 screenshot 2021 09 04 at 18.04.55

Just when they thought it was over, Pepsi decided the Housemates deserved a little more reward. As a matter of fact, the Housemates were already back inside when it was announced that they were to be rewarded. Pepsi believed their energy, stage management and credibility was off the hook.

In appreciation for a Task executed to perfection and dedication. Pepsi decided to reward the entire house with a trip to the One Music Africa feast in Dubai.

1630786177 56 screenshot 2021 09 04 at 18.19.16

Day 43: Housemates celebrate in Owambe style

Housemates partied in true Nigerian style at their Owambe themed party.

Day 43: Housemates celebrate in Owambe style – BBNaija

Biggie’s booming voice announced the opening of the storage and like any other Saturday, the Housemates dashed in excitement to see their packages for their Orijins Party. In case you’re wondering about the excessive flow of compliments in the House, well, we got you.?

The Housemates were serving looks in their outfits that stayed true to the roots of Nigerian cultures and their diversity. The ladies exuded the elegance and extravagance that announced the mood for the night, from the shiny to the bold, every piece was a statement.?

1630797462 28 screenshot 2021 09 04 at 22.22.29

The #BBNaija gents did not waste away at the opportunity to pageant their drip too as they walked around the House flaunting their new fit while fishing for compliments. Well, we understand the guys – when you’re looking that fine, everyone deserves to see that outfit otherwise it’s wasted.?

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The party 

Housemates turned up all night in the Party Room and this party was no ordinary night. With DJ Shawn and DJ Dayzee spinning the decks, it was double the set and double the vibe for the night. The dance floor took a life of its own with the House once again showcasing their dancing skills – coupled with the bumping and grinding this Party Room was packed with so much heat and we loved every moment of it.

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The after-party wahala

The after-party drama started with Tega and Angel who seemed to be role-playing at first until Angel started spilling all the tea on Tega’s time with Boma in the Executive Lounge. Tucked somewhere in Angel’s jokes and teases about the amount of alone time Tega spent with Boma, she made sure to take jabs at Tega for acting very single while she’s already betrothed outside the House.

In response, Tega said she has always made sure to let the Housemates know that her marriage in no way affects the way that she behaves around the House – she adds, “If I was single I would still be as expressive and outgoing or more than I am right now.”

Shade or not this little show they bantered about had us clutching our pearls because the details got so juicy it could pass as a storyline for an iconic Nollywood movie.

Well, all things considered, they are both here for a good time and we hope Tega can match Boma’s cruise, otherwise, if any of them catch feelings it may end in tears.

Breaking News: Michael and Saga receive Strikes – BBNaija

Breaking News: Michael and Saga receive Strikes

Two Big Brother Housemates, Saga and Michael, each received a Strike from Big Brother following behaviour earlier in the week that led to damage to the House. This came despite both of them apologising for their actions during the earlier Diary Room sessions. Once all the Housemates had assembled in the Lounge, they were required to watch videos of their infringements.

The first showed a very emotional Michael smashing a whole into a wall, while the second showed an over-enthusiastic Saga jump onto a lintel, trying to do a pull-up, but pulling it down, instead.

“Saga, you attempted to hang on the lintel of the Arena door, thereby destroying the frame cover. Is this not so?”

“Yes, Big Brother,” was the response.

“Michael, on the same Friday night you put your strength to test and punched a hole on the bedroom wall – Impressive strength… and as you may be aware, strength without control can lead to destruction. Is this not so?

“Yes, Big Brother.”

“You have both been found guilty of breaking a fundamental House rule and are hereby issued a Strike. Two more Strikes and you will be disqualified from the Big Brother ‘Shine Ya Eye’ House.”

Saga and Michael join Pere as the only remaining Housemates with Strikes against their names. Should they survive tonight’s Eviction, they will be expected to serve a light punishment. Let’s see how this changes the mood in the House.

Live Show 8 - 5 Sep: Four Housemates Evicted – BBNaija

Live Show 8 – 5 Sep: Four Housemates Evicted – BBNaija

The first quadruple Eviction show saw the Housemates reduced to half of their original number, with Tega, Michael, Peace and Boma being Evicted.

Sunday Live Eviction Shows just keep getting more intense! After last week’s triple Eviction, this week’s show turned up the tension with a grand total of four Evictions, meaning the complement of Housemates has dropped from 17 to 13 – an unlucky number, for people who are impressed by that sort of thing.

Before we get to the Evicted Housemates, let’s take a moment to reflect on how jam-packed the Live Eviction Shows have become with musical talent: this week’s show saw performances from Ayra Starr and Rema, each of them treating us to a mash-up performance of their better-known tracks, courtesy of Pepsi.

The Housemates don’t get to hear those performances, though, so it’s not like they can have their minds taken off the main purpose of the evening, the Evictions. When the time came for Ebuka to name the first Housemate who had to pack bags, he wasted none of it and called on Tega. Boma’s reaction was undeniable despair.

During her earlier Diary Session, Tega said that she felt she had achieved some of her goals, but she didn’t really want to go into details. “Biggie, is it a must that we talk about it?” When she didn’t get a response, there was nervous laughter, followed by “I intended to be cool with everybody, which I am.” It was not the most illuminating of Diary Sessions.

Speaking to Ebuka, she said she missed her husband and the rest of the family. She also said that she would miss Boma, because “he’s my friend.” Right.

Watch Tega’s journey in the House 

When Ebuka returned to the anxious Housemates, it was to Evict two of them: Michael and Peace. When Michael’s name was announced, we wonder if he saw the irony in being given a strike an hour before being Evicted from the House? At least he’s not going to have to suffer the punishment alongside Saga.

Reflecting on his time in the House during his Diary Session, Michael said that he had experienced some character development, “being able to actually function in a sane manner without having my private space.” Sane? You punched a hole in a wall, dude…

Speaking to Ebuka about his relationship with Jackie B, he said, “we’re still figuring stuff out,” but that he would like to explore their connection outside the House, “for sure!” About the future, she said he’s going to continue pursuing his music career.

Watch Michael’s journey in the House 

During her Diary Session, Peace said that the only goal she set for herself was “not to be the first or second person Evicted.” Well, congratulations, Peace. You achieved that goal.

“To be honest, I was ready for anything,” she said to Ebuka. When pressed by Ebuka on her relationship with Michael, she said “he was my friend.  I was like that with everyone. They’re amazing people.” Regarding what’s next, she said she would invest in her brand, but she’s going to go for anything that comes along like acting or music.

Watch Peace’s journey in the House 

Ebuka’s last foray into the House was to Evict Boma. Speaking to Biggie earlier today, Boma said that he never really expected to make it into the House, “so I didn’t set any goals.” When asked if he had any regrets, he referred to his outburst with Angel and said “there are some things I said that I know are going to be misjudged. I probably should have done better; I should have gone back.” Well, he’s not going to have that chance, now. On the upside, it didn’t take long for him to be reunited with Tega, so there’s that.

“I know myself,” he said to Ebuka, “and I was trying not to be stuck with anyone.” When being pushed by Ebuka, who asked him if he and Tega are “more than cool”, he answered “no”, definitively.  Sure.

Watch Boma’s journey in the House ma’s

So ends Week 6 in Big Brother’s House – from a total of 26 Housemates, exactly half of them are left; each one of them will begin to realise that their own odds of winning have gone up, and that they are in the Game with a real chance of winning the Grand Prize. P

lay time’s over – it’s time to play the Game, to think, to strategise. It’s time, basically, to Shine Ya Eye.

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